Top 3 Jay and Silent Bob Movies


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what are the top three Movies that have the cHaracters Jay and silent bob in them:

Mine are:
2)Jay and Silent Bob strike back

3.)Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back
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jay and silent bob movies ooown, theyre awesome... and anyone who doesnt like them needs to die...soon
1)jay silent bob strike back

It seems kind of pointless to develop a a 3 item list from an item collection of only 4. Furthermore, they were in Chasing Amy for what, 5 minutes?
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Originally Posted by Henry The Kid
It seems kind of pointless to develop a a 3 item list from an item collection of only 4.
Actually, it's an item collection of five, not four.

Furthermore, they were in Chasing Amy for what, 5 minutes?
They both appeared in the film for 10 minutes, but so what? The thread isn't called "Top 3 favorite Jay & Silent Bob movies where they come out the most?". Even though they appear less in Chasing Amy, that's still my favorite Jay and Bob film. Yes, they came out the least of any Kevin Smith film, but I picked it because I just loved the story between Holden, Banky, and Alyssa, this was Smith's best film by far.

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Originally Posted by Hondo333

Jay and Silent Bob are both great characters, Starting from something to have a bit of a giggle at and cutaway to in Clerks. they have become HUGE.

The poll asks, "Whats your favorite Jay and Silent Bob Movie?", so will answer not what is my favorite Kevin Smith Movie, but what film do i think J&SB are at there best.......

1. Chasing Amy Kev's best and J&SB's best, Bob's story is great,
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2. Dogma The major step in them becoming major, likable characters, Good film,
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3. Mallrats The move was very.... Comic, and they fit this perfectly,
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4. Clerks. Like i said minor characters, But funny ones
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5. Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back My least Favourite Smith movie, But its still good, i didnít really go for the changes J&SB made... Developing a consiunse,
"This isn't fair! We came to Hollywood, I fell in love. F*ckin', we got shot at, we stole a monkey, and I got punched in the motherf*cking nuts by a guy named Cock-Knocker!."
6. "Clerks: TAS" Great show, hard to compare to the movies but it is better than Mallrats and J&SBSB but J&SB character where awful, They didnít swear, the sold Fireworks instead of drugs???
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I am glad Kev has left them out of Jersey Girl and retired them, while there characters where good they have gotten to the end, Check out This and This thread.
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Weren't they also in Scream 3?

So that's six movies.

I am thinking about starting a top 3 die hard movies thread... what do you guys think...

I liked mallrats and clerks, dogma was ok

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My 3 favourate Jay and Silent Bob movies are -

3.Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

Although I have tried to buy Chasing Amy and Clerks, they don't seem to be sold in Dundee, and they are not on, the site I buy dvd's from, so I can't include these.

1. Chasing Amy
2. Mallrats
4. Clerks
5. Dogma

I went ahead and ranked them all.

jay and silent bob strikes back

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never seen any of jay and silent bob movies. should i rent one just for the hell of it? and if yes which one? one more Q: do you have to know what happened in the previous movie to understand what happens in the one i might want to watch?
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I love all of Kevin Smith's Jay and Silent Bob movies. They're hilarious.

I'd say:
1) Dogma
2) Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
3) Mallrats
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hey how is jersey girl i wonder,i dont think they are in it but it is still a kevin smith film,does anyone know if this is good? and what was up with that bit about scream 3?I don't remember that.

2) Dogma

I dont consider Chasing Amy anything to do with Jay/SB, Mallrats is probably my favorite Smith movie, but only because of Jason Lee. So now Im left with Smith's other 3 movies.
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