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Mortal Kombat Reboot (2021)


Welcome to the human race...
And here I was fancasting him as Shang Tsung, but I do admit he makes so much more sense as Scorpion (especially if this means he gets more to do than be a faceless goon, though it could mean that the movie gets a little unwieldy as it has to split time between all the different characters).
I really just want you all angry and confused the whole time.

Well i could say i ve watched too many movies which were rated r when i was still 13 or 14 years old, simply because my parents couldn t control what was shown on the movie channel back in the day, i ve seen angie everhart nude way before i should have xd

"Honor is not in the Weapon. It is in the Man"
Shooting has begun and one more cast member has been added:

German-Chinese actor/martial artist Max Huang, who is a current member of Jackie Chan's Stunt Team, has been cast as Kung Lao

"Honor is not in the Weapon. It is in the Man"
Photos from the upcoming movie...April 16, 2021. And they switch gears with introducing a brand new character who will form an alliance with Liu Kang, Scorpion, and Kung Lao to enter the tournament. The new character, Cole Young, is played by Lewis Tan.

Welcome to the human race...
Not a fan of the fact that Kano appears to be missing his signature metal faceplate, especially since the rest of his design looks spot-on. Otherwise, still hyped.

I don t like sub zero s costume, mortal kombat should have the original costumes from the 1995 and 1997 movies...

Into the Infinity of Thoughts
This power rangers like fire effect on Liu Kang's hands looks so good. It brings me memories of MK Mythologies: Sub-Zero, great game.
“We can destroy what we have written, but we cannot unwrite it.”

"Honor is not in the Weapon. It is in the Man"
No specific trailer date, but apparently sometime in February.
I think it will be in February also. Joe Taslim said on Scott Adkins' Art of Action web series that the trailer should drop around then.

"Honor is not in the Weapon. It is in the Man"
Oh, yeah, I didn't mean for that to sound like a guess or prediction: they announced it. Just no specific date yet.

I hope they don't show any fatalities in the trailer...I want to be surprised.

Unfortunatelty the worst is happening, subzero has the bulky new mortal.kombat games costume and look and not the original 1995 ones which is not what i want to see, i will not.enjoy this movie.....

Really? It's not unusual at all for the silly costumes in comic books or video games to be toned down for film. X-Men had them all in matching black leather and didn't suffer for it (and even made a joke about it).

Movie Forums Squirrel Jumper
It looks like subzero isn't wearing a mask though. Toned down or not, I still think they should go for masks, but that's just me.


Nevermind it looks like he is wearing his mask in one of the shots perhaps.

I've got my preferences for how they should look, I just think they have almost no relationship to how good or entertaining the movie will actually be. There's no dull fight scene that would become cool if he wore the right mask or colors, and there's no awesome scene that would suddenly be rendered bad if he did.

Movie Forums Squirrel Jumper
Yeah that's true, perhaps I am being too nostalgic about it .