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Songs owned by movies


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What are some songs that are so inextricably linked in your mind to certain movies/movie scenes that it seems wrong to include them on another movie's soundtrack?

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David Bowie - I'm Deranged - Lost Highway (1997)

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MC for the Great Underground Circus
David Bowie/Pat Metheny - this is not America [from "the Falcon and the Snowman"]

Twin Peaks entire soundtrack

RIchard Strauss - Also Spach Zarathuistra [2001] - I know it's not a "song", but you really can't un-hear the music without the visuals anymore.

Ligeti - Requiem for Soprano, Mezzo Soprano, Two Mixed Choirs & Orchestra [2001]
- same thing applies, though this is a song.
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Not movie but tv show

nd the season two finale

The music in Kong, Skull Island was very good.

And of course, "Don't you forget about me" is owned by The Breakfast Club and even though it had its own life for a long time, I can't hear "Twist and Shout" without picturing Matthew Broderick on that float in that parade.

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The first beats always gonna consociate with ending scene Jason Bourn movie.

Certainly and without a doubt, "As Time Goes By" - Dooley Wilson singing the song in Rick's Cafe in Casablanca. Lots of performers have sung it but why? Without Bogart and Bergman? What?

Who can hear "The Third Man Theme" ("The Harry Lime Theme") in any of its many iterations, and not think instantly of the Carol Reed/Orson Welles classic The Third Man (1949)?

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I noticed that the movie Taken 2 used the song from the movie Drive, but also used other music from the soundtrack as well. I felt this just seemed wrong, as if they were trying to cash in on Drive, rather than create original music.

I also don't like it when movies use classical music pieces instead of original scores as well. Platoon and Lorenzo's Oil used Adagio for Strings in both their scores.

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I don't think you should count songs that were composed for specific movies - it kind of goes without saying that "As Time Goes By" is forever tied to Casablanca, after all (or think of The Third Man when they hear a piece that's literally titled "The Third Man theme")?

Anyway, a handful of quick answers...

"The End" (Apocalypse Now)
"Wake Up" (The Matrix)
"Bellbottoms" (i]Baby Driver[/i])
"Don't Stop Me Now" (Shaun of the Dead)
"This Corrosion" (The World's End)
"My Way" (Goodfellas)
"Long Tall Sally" (Predator)
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