of new movies & television shows for the foreseeable future? It didnít occur to me that one couldnít reasonably be asked now to act considering the intimate nature of acting.
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Most shows are recorded months in advance.

I've noticed on the UK show Countdown, Rachel Riley is still pregnant.
She actually gave birth about 4 months ago.

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Garbage bag people fighting hippy love babies.

Most shows are recorded months in advance.
Right, but a show like Ozark, e.g., which just streamed season 3, was what I was thinking of. Heaven only knows when production will start on season 4.

⬆️ There ya go. And live theater, of course, is on hold. Emilia Clarke PF GOT was due to star in a play, but it’s been temporarily canned.

of new movies & television shows for the foreseeable future? It didnít occur to me that one couldnít reasonably be asked now to act considering the intimate nature of acting.
Probably. It'll be a bit like the scriptwriters strike in the 00's. Short seasons/series and/or delays. Of course, that's if it's possible to be out but social distancing sometime this summer. Depends on what kind of TV you mean though. Satirical shows seem to be coping OK, as do the various morning shows.

In terms of drama it might mean there'll be a lot more solo scenes or scenes with distance between the characters.
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Again, I think they'll either be shorter seasons or they'll have to get creative with the way they write, shoot and edit. As for films, they'll do everything they can to get them out on schedule because the schedule is king in Hollywood

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Shortage of content? Just watch the news! Not even a pandemic will keep the talking heads from spitting at each other.
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I did remember thinking something similar, but more about regular network shows. Binge-y things come out in bunches, and naturally they might start production later for next season (or maybe not much, since they go into production after a lot of writing and story-breaking stuff is done, which is stuff that's probably still happening through quarantine). But network shows might only be a handful of episodes ahead of whatever's airing, so anything that wasn't almost already done might have to shut down production just before a season finale, for example.

But yeah, if this stretches on for months, there will be a "running out" of some shows. There's a lot of stuff out there that can be used, still, and I imagine a lot of people are scrambling to do so. Extra footage, stuff people were sitting on until they had time and room to use it properly, etc. That, and I've just got a huge backlog of shows and movies to catch up on, anyway, without new ones coming out! Shouldn't be a problem.

Can’t imagine there will be any kissing for a while on the screen.

Pivoting: listening to church bells sounding the hour every hour, but no services. Sad.

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The season finale of The Walking Dead has been postponed indefinitely. ONE lousy episode that was supposed to air this Sunday... because they hadn't finished post-production and now don't want to endanger those production people. So last Sunday's episode ended with a cliffhanger of its own with the caveat that the finale will be "sometime later this year."

So, I'm sure we'll see a gap of time when shows that SHOULD be in production now will not be airing when we expect them. So, that nine-month gap between two seasons of your favorite show might now be a year or 18 months. Nothing to be done about it. But boy, the streaming factor for back shows is gonna be HUGE. Time to catch up on all sorts of stuff you've been meaning to watch, until you were distracted by the new shiny shows all the time.

According to the NYTimes, Broadway is officially closed for at least 2 months.

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At the very least it means that those Hamilton shysters will lose some money.

When I was in my 20's, you could get top notch center orch. low number seats for less than or around $100 each for Boston productions.

In NY, if you used TKTS in Times Square, you could get last minute stuff, but horribly catch as catch can. But still < $100. Less than 50 for decent.

Now? Everything is so absurdly priced I fear that no one will get to see anything outside of the cheap seats way in the back of the top balcony, and hence be robbed of memories, which of course is the entire point.
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When they have a cowboy, they want a poet.
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I see that Fargo season 4 is on indefinite standby even though it was due out yesterday. Two more episodes to film & now itís on hold after waiting 3 years.

It's very worrying. The UK soaps will soon run out of episodes and that is as big a crisis as there could be for a soap fan. Also, a lot of the shows that are still being made are using social distancing and these shows feel weird and creepy. Roll on the vaccine, I say.

It seems like this would be a nail in the coffin for some reality TV shows (especially contest ones where people are required to live together for a period of time)... except maybe for something like Naked and Afraid where contestants are outdoors - maybe they'd have to turn all the challenges into single person ones. Except for getting sick, bitten, hurt or attacked from a million other things in a jungle, Covid19 would be the last thing a contestant would have to worry about while surviving in the wilderness! (Unless they were in a Chinese jungle where all the bats live!)

I wonder what this will do to a show like Impractical Jokers which relies on interacting closely with people and often venues of large gatherings?