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I'm five episodes in and I'm incredibly underwhelmed. It got super positive reviews (89% on Metacritic) and I just don't see why. It's an average quality show, imo.
You may have saved me the trouble of renewing my Netflix streaming.
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The Passage - A scientist accidentally creates a new species of telepathic vampires while trying to cure an Avian Flu epidemic. So that went well. A 10 year old girl may hold the key to a cure, but she's on the run with a rogue FBI agent played by the guy who played Zack Morris on Saved by the Bell. He's surprisingly great in this, and the show is creepy and fantastic so far.

Roswell, New Mexico - A reboot of the old teen sci-fi romance series, this time the characters are adults, there's a murder mystery, and it hits on hot topics of the day like immigration, racism, xenophobia, and other things that make Trump trolls on Facebook angry and vow to never watch the show ever again. I like it so far, my wife loves it.
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Finished Kingdom on Netflix earlier today. Really liked this Korean period drama + zombie action/horror combination.

I watched all 6 eps of that over the last two nights. It's ace, really enjoyed it. Right old cliffhanger season end too. Need more!

Caught up with this amazing programme and now waiting for series 5 to start on television and apparently two more series after that.

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Umbrella Academy (2019)

Hard to really wrap my head around this. I really enjoyed a lot about this, but it has flaws-o-plenty. On the good side, I can't remember enjoying something this much, that I had so many issues with.

Some stuff just seems uneven, or out of order. They are a "hero team" but nobody really does anything extraordinary. The last 3 episodes could be condensed in to one and there are some cheesy bait-and-switch moves that get pulled.

In light of that, it is the first show I have been compelled to watch this fast. It is just so charming, that it makes up for it's many shortcomings. Klaus was the highlight imb, followed by 5. Those two more than pick up the slack for the rest of the crew.

You get the feel that they already have at least 2 more seasons planned out, just from where they went and left with this one. Looking forward to the next season!

I'm five episodes in and I'm incredibly underwhelmed. It got super positive reviews (89% on Metacritic) and I just don't see why. It's an average quality show, imo.
I didnít care for Russian Doll either. Disappointing as I love ChloŽ Sevigny.

The Little Drummer Girl (2018)

One of the best looking shows I've ever seen (I'm a sucker for that 70s style). It has its flaws but my eyes assure me it's good.


Took advantage of a free month of Prime to watch this excellent series. Some really great acting by Julia Roberts, Bobby Canavale, Shea Whigham, Stephen James. Sissy Spacek with nothing to do.

Excellent book, but a lame series. 6 episodes in season 1 & there will be a season 2, which I will not be watching.

Pretty English girl was adequate as the lead female though very unconvincing as a Manhattan restaurant waitress. I doubt she would last a week.

Caitlin FitzGerald very good in her rŰle, as she always is. Paul Sparks also excellent.

Tom Sturridge utterly miscast as I knew he would be when I first read he got the part. He plays Jake who is gorgeous, sexy, charismatic, mysterious, etc., none of which qualities does Sturridge have. Heís not the least bit attractive.

Brilliant 2009 trilogy. Re-watch. Dark, violent, disturbing, mysterious. Andrew Garfield in the first installment has never done anything better IMO. British tv.

Superb acting from Mahershala Ali, Carmen Ejogo, Stephen Dorff & Scoot McNairy.

Superb hair & makeup to age Ali & Dorff from 36 years to 70 years. Ali especially impressive in this regard, including his acting.

I watched seasons 1 & 2 twice over, but I will not do this with season 3. A very long series & very slow. A bit of a slog to get through if I am honest.

Great effort by HBO.

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I'm only happy when it Rains edition

Maniac (2018)

One of the best things I've ever seen. Everything. The weird, the set design, the music, Furs and lemurs and Justin Theroux...what a great performance. Maybe crazier than that wig.

Netflix Originals Power Rankings
Stranger Things S1

Hap and Leonard S3 (2018)

The definition of two characters I would watch go get groceries. In fact, throw out this nonsense story. I mean the books are good, but this treatment for television is pure garbini. #1 show on Sundance and it gets cancelled? Get your shht together Sundance. Probably just give up making t.v. if this is your best.

Glow S2 (2018)

Charming and endearing. Allison Brie without (or with) makeup is startling every time I see her. Marc Maron seems like he should have been on a sitcom for the past 20 years. Bash is by and far under-served and an extremely confusing character. Vegas Baby!

Bought this 8-part mini-series on Bravo from Amazon. Loosely based on a true story. Kinda nutty, but Eric Bana & Connie Britton both gave it 200% effort.

Interesting story, but, almost at the end of episode 2, it has become very tedious. Disinclined to continue.

Fascinating HBO 2-hour documentary.

Theranos had $900,000,000 in investments at one time. Now it has nothing & founder Elizabeth Holmes faces many years in federal prison.

The gullibility & naÔvetť of the very rich always surprises me. They lapped up the story of this freshman dropout & believed every word of her hype. Unfortunately, none of it was true & they lost all their money.

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What We Do In the Shadows (FX 2019)

You like the movie? Same stuff, very Christopher Guest'ish. I like awkward dialogue shows, but the FX are the best part. Don't know how long this show will last, can't imagine it is cheap or that it will draw enough eyes to merit the cost.

I like it, but Taika and Jermaine may have been the real....lifeblood...of what made this funny.


Read that the first season cost more than the movie