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So, I see a headline that Crosby scored a goal by whacking a puck in mid-air. Pretty cool, but I've seen those. They happen every so often. He's done it a few times, I think.

Actually sit down to watch, turns out he redirected it in mid air around the goalie, then hit it again, still in mid-air, into the goal.

This story gives me such wonderful feels: 36-Year-Old Accountant Called In As Emergency NHL Goalie — And He Crushed It

One for the common man! Definitely teared up watching these highlights. And yeah I know they won 6-2 but he stopped seven shots in the last 14 minutes including some good ones! This from an accountant who plays in a beer league! Im hoisting a High Life for Scott as should we all.

Farewell and adieu to you fair Spanish ladies...

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Love The Blackhawks for their support! Everyone; Joel Quenneville, the players, the fans, the announcer. Number one star of the game. Nice!

Yeah, super feel good story. I hope they don't ruin it by bringing him back so he can give up goals on half the shots or something that would spoil how fun this is.

The Knights got the first win of the Stanley Cup Finals! Things are looking good. I know our defense is going to improve, so if Washington wants to stay in this they better step up their defense too.

This is very exciting. I live in Las Vegas, so this is our first professional team, and it's amazing how the city has embraced them. And this is our team. I'm less than crazy about the idea of the Raiders coming here, and for me it won't feel as important, because we're basically stealing a team from another city, and so many of the people who live here came from elsewhere and already have a favorite team. I'm sure we'll embrace them too, but I don't care so much.

Knights have really surprised me (Caps too, btw). I didn't watch their games in regular season but in playoffs they've been, in my opinion, the most consistent team.

I totally understand why they were underestimated before the season and to some extent even before the playoffs (in my bracket I had them lose on the first round) but what really astounds me is that many "experts" are still doing that. Like the biggest Finnish hockey site has had a column after each round that their next opponent will expose them and they don't stand a chance. I kinda hope that Ovechkin gets his ring (I have no feelings towards either team but the best goal scorer of the era deserves it) but in my mind Knights are favorite to win.

First game was really entertaining too.

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Congratulations to The Washington Capitals and their long suffering fans on winning The Cup.

Especially Alex Ovechkin and Barry Trotz.

From a Seattle perspective, a lot of positives came out of this season. Seattle will likely get a NHL franchise with the same deal as Vegas. Despite what the media keeps repeating, T.J.Oshie is not from Warroad, Minnesota. He is originally from Mount Vernon, Washington and played in the Seattle Junior Hockey Association for ten years.

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It's official! Seattle is awarded an NHL team!

Thanks to everyone involved, especially new Hall Of Fame member, Gary Bettman. Also robots, stop booing The Commissioner unless you have a legitimate reason.

Bump! I dunno how the Penguins are this good with all their injuries, but somehow they are. Check out this chart plotting each team's performance and injuries simultaneously:

They're single-handedly skewing the size of the chart's axis.

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Bizarre firing Gerard Gallant.

Seattle is suppose to announce the team's name and colors during the all star break.

The firing is pretty nuts. Knights are still in decent position, and obviously there are things having little to do with his coaching holding them back.

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As if the 2019-2020 season couldn't be anymore bizarre.

Seattle's rebuilt building will be renamed Climate Pledge Arena. What da fu? Still haven't got a name for their team yet.

The NHL lottery ended without knowing who has the number one pick.I'm sure Senators and Red Wings fans are overjoyed by this farce. Which means some playoff team will get the first pick after another lottery.

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Big NHL day!

Players and owners agree to a four year deal that includes a probable return to The Olympics!

The playoffs will start on August first in Edmonton and Toronto with up to six games a day!

If you're not fan of the sport or not familiar with it, now would be a good time to check it out.

The Seattle franchise, really benefited by waiting a year. Things will hopefully get back to normal, and it gives them time to straighten out any problems with the renovated arena.

Iconic KeyArena sign removed as construction on new Seattle Center venue continues

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Release the Kraken! NHL Seattle picks fictitious sea creature for its long-awaited team name

Meet The Seattle Kraken

Can't wait to go to The Crack House and watch some NHL hockey.

What a stupid name, glad my team is named The Kings.