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^ They have released the uncut versions of all three films here, much longer than the original cinema releases. Thinking of getting them.

I will be watching Thor tonight, at my cinema they only had the 3D version for some reason and can't stand 3D, so got it out on 2D blu-ray for tonight.

Now that it's October and halloween season again, I have a good excuse to watch "Sleepy Hollow"

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We are trying to get through Hesher but we have a 5 year old. Every time we get into it he runs into the room. The movie so far seems really interesting but we are watching it in slow motion.

im going to watch little nicky again tonight.

i;m watching an old hammer horror the reptile

Going to see The Boston Strangler on the big screen
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Just got back from a Thanksgiving Eve screening of Barry Levinson's Avalon (1990).
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Gone With the Wind.

AMC has been doing a marathon of it today.
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i'm watching Immortals now.. this movie is great

As soon as this Cal/Arkansas St. game concludes, I will throw on Mildred Pierce.

Robber-true story.

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The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

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Tonight I am going to watch Wrong turn.
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I'll watch Hanna(2011) And if got time then i'll also watch Final Destination 5..