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Seds - Would you say that HoMM IV is the best in the series for someone who hasn't played any, apart from a few minutes of II or III years and years ago?

I got Overlord: Raising Hell for the PS3 on Friday. It seems like a cross between Dungeon Keeper and Fable but nowhere near as good as either. I must stop wasting money on impulse purchases...

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Dead Rising - Xbox 360

Once you get over the initial novelty value of zombies in a shopping mall, you realise that Dead Rising is actually not that great a game. Some of you may already know this or have probably guessed it, but yes, the game has a series of fundamental flaws that do ruin it to a degree. The one that really annoys me is the saving-after-death system. Either you can load the game from your last save or you can "save status and quit", meaning you start the game again with all your current skills.

I accidentally did the latter, and it was a pity because I was about 30 in-game hours through...
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Tac - Heroes 4 is my favorite of the series, but I would think 5 is maybe the most advanced. It certainly has the best graphics. I have yet to play that, though. You have to like Turn-Based strategy to like any of these, though.

Currently, I am completely sucked into...

Shin Megami Tensei - Nocturne

This game is the ****. I LOVE the art direction in this game. Some of my favorite of any game, ever. I also like the dark theme w whole lot. This game is rare, and I am continually reminded why, with it's occult theme and nihilistic trappings. The game is difficult, too, which is a nice breath of fresh air after easy fare like Final Fantasy. The Atlas RPGs are quickly becoming my favorite RPGs of all time. Don't even get me started on the ridiculously deep and rewarding demon fusing system. SO addicting...Too bad a couple of the battle themes are almost unbearable, or it would be almost perfect...

One of the best use of cell-shaded graphics in a game.

A caveat - This game is difficult, big time.There is no mashing the X button through battles in this game. That fetches a big GAME OVER sign for you. The game uses a press-turn system, in which you can gain/lose turns in any given round depending on strengths/weaknesses. If you hit an enemy with lightning, and it is lightning based, your spell will actually heal the opponent, and you lose 2(!!) of the four attacks in the round. That's three negative hits per one of your mistakes, in case you weren't counting. This wouldn't be such a big deal if there weren't what seems to be an endless list of demons, all with different attributes. And finally, you really have no party. You recruit your enemies to fight along side you, and fuse them together to create more powerful demons. What this means is that, if you main character dies, it's game over. It doesn't matter if you have three support style demons with full mana and heal/rise spells galore. If you die, that's game.
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Babe this game is pretty awesome! So um.......lets play like now! LOL

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Along with Nocturne, LT and I have recently started playing Persona 3, as well. Another JRPG by the people that made Nocturne, this is yet another creative title. Combining SIM games with dungeon crawling RPG, it's a fresh turn in a somewhat stale genre. As with Nocturne, this game has a very dark theme. For instance, to summon the characters Personas, which are sort of demon-esque manifestations of their psyches, they shoot themselves in the head with a gun shaped "invoker" device.

That said, this game is super cool. We were instantly drawn into the story and socializing aspects of the game. It strikes a cool balance between SIM-like activities and social engineering, and old school hack and slash dungeon crawl.

As with most of the Shin-Megami Tensei games, it has an anime design paradigm, which works well with this trippy, dark material.

I've started playing Super Mario Galaxy again as of late. Though there are 120 stars in the game, it only took something like 70 to unlock the game's final battle. After I beat it, I got around 10 more stars, and then put it down for months. I've picked it up again recently and grabbed another 20, so I'm around 100 now.

The way the game is setup, it could take quite awhile to get them, as I'm pretty sure I've exhausted most of the relatively easy or straightforward ones. I'm almost entirely down to comet-based stars, including a few horrific purple coin levels that have been giving me fits. As stubborn as I can get about these things, I can still absolutely see myself throwing in the towel over a few of them.

Little floppy, hoppy, bunnies!
Persona 3 !!!! I totally agree.....consumed by the story and the characters growing into individuals with personalities !!! You can make or break your character and it's the deepest game I have ever played!!! Art work is awesome and well Sedai and myself are going to have no lives LOL ! This is a must play game!!! Love it!

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Ive been playing a few games recently.

Wii - Super Smash Brothers Brawl

Wii - Boom Blox

For the 360-

They are all good games and definatly worth a look.
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Has anyone got one of those Nintendo USB Wi-fi thingies?

I fancy hooking up the DS but am not gonna change my router's WPA encryption just because the Nintendo only supports WEP.

Anyway, yesterday I played the original Neverwinter Nights for the first time in ages. BioWare have just released a final, massive, patch for the game which updates a lot of textures, sounds etc and generally freshens the old girl up.

It's always been one of my all time favourite PC games.

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Xbox 360:
GTA IV, Alone in the Dark, Assassin's Creed and Rainbow Six: Vegas 2. I'm perpetually playing and working on Forza 2.
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I'm back to playing Resident Evil 4. It's been long enough that it's got back that newness factor.
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Still Playing on my PS2.

fave games: -

Resident Evil 4

Soulcalibur 2&3 love the character creation on 3, but quest mode sucks, weapons master on 2 was better.
Smash Court Tennis Pro Tournament 2
Tekken 5
Pro Evolution Soccer 6
Viewtiful Joe
SSX3 & SSX On Tour

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I was playing Grand Theft Auto IV (360) for awhile, but put that on hold about a month ago so I could play through The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (Wii). Both games are well worth the purchase price.

The People's Republic of Clogher
Still Playing on my PS2.

fave games: -

Soulcalibur 2&3 love the character creation on 3, but quest mode sucks, weapons master on 2 was better.

SSX3 & SSX On Tour
SoulCalibur IV is out next week and I'm looking forward to it hugely. I still play 2, 3 and the original occasionally - the PS2 games still look great in 480p.

I'd love a next gen SSX release too, SSX3 is probably in my top 5 games from the last gen.