My Favorite Nicole Kidman Performances


Probably the most breathtaking of all of Hollywood's Australian imports, but that rarest of rare Hollywood treasures...a beautiful woman who actually can act. Her career was initially put on the back burner thanks to her marriage to Tom Cruise, but once she cut Cruise loose, her career went into the stratosphere as one of Hollywood's most bankable and busiest leading ladies. Her versatility as an actress is clearly evidenced in her resume...drama, comedy, musicals, movies, television, there's just nothing this woman can't do. Her career which began in 1983 has so far earned her an Emmy, 14 Golden Globe nominations, 4 Golden Globes, four Oscar nominations, and one Oscar. Here we go...these are my favorite performances of the one and only Nicole Kidman.

Probably the most breathtaking of all of Hollywood's Australian imports
You do know shes American-born?
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Devlin Adams, Just Go With It

Kidman really seemed to be enjoying herself in this 2011 re-thinking of the 1969 film Cactus Flower, playing the old high school rival of a dental assistant (Jennifer Aniston) who are reunited during a Hawaiian vacation.


Claudia, Nine

Kidman made the most of a thankless role in this elaborate all-star cast musical playing a self-absorbed actress who has been pegged to star in the latest untitled film by a celebrated Italian movie director named Guido Contini (Daniel Day Lewis).


Faunia farley, The Human Stain

Kidman was cast against type but still rose to the occasion as a promiscuous divorcee who becomes romantically involved with a much older college professor (Anthony Hopkins) with a mysterious past.


Nancy Eamons, Boy Erased

Kidman gave a thankless role substance as the quietly heartbroken mother of a gay son (Lucas Hedges) who stands by silently while her husband (Russell Crowe) commits her son to a rehabilitation program that claims they can turn her son into a heterosexual in 12 days.

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Dr. Claire Lewicki, Days of Thunder

Kidman was appropriately decorative as a snooty doctor who finds herself attracted to a hot-headed stock car driver (Tom Cruise) who becomes one of her patients.


Yvonne Pendleton, The Upside

Kidman's crisp performance once again enhanced a thankless role as the tightly wound personal assistant to a paraplegic millionaire (Bryan Cranston) who is very wary of her boss' new hire as a personal caregiver (Kevin Hart).


Rae Ingram, Dead Calm

Probably the first film that made people sit up and take notice of Nicole. She plays a young married woman who finds herself and her husband (Sam Neill) being held hostage on their own boat by a dangerous psychopath (Billy Zane). This one put Zane on the map as well.


Gail Jones, My Life

I think one of Nicole Kidman's most underrated performances was in this contemporary tearjerker who finds out almost simultaneously that she is pregnant with her first child and that her husband (Michael Keaton) is dying. I was a puddle after my first viewing of this movie.

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shes not my favorite actress but loved her on moulin rouge
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I love musicals and I thought Nine was seriously mediocre.
Daniel Day Lewis made the movie for him. He was so compelling IMO.


Anna, Birth

Despite an unflattering pixie haircut, Kidman worked very hard to be convincing in this bizarre film about a glamourous about to be married socialite who meets a young boy (Cameron Bright) who claims to be her reincarnated first husband, who died ten years ago.