MoFo Fantasy Football 2009: Week 11


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Here is a pick of LT and I, just so folks can put the teams/names to faces!

Sorry about the pic quality - Cell phone!
You make a cute couple. At a restaurant with chandeliers?! Well thats just big city slickin'! Did they have cloth napkins? Did you keep them?! Down here in florida glass jars are for drinking

Hired Goons vs Wolverines

Think this is a sure thing for Wolvie? Think again cause if Cutler performs half as bad as he did the Eagles will take him to their nest and just eat him. LTizzys WR & RB matchup is what will save her. Badgers playing Vernon Davis against his own team! I would never play someone on my team thats playing my Buccaneers! Wolverines make fodder of the Hired Goons

The Replicants Vs ILMF

Wow Ricky Williams done opened up a can o whoopass last night! Yeah he wouldve been the next Bo Jackson. I like Megans matchup of Ladainian Tomlinson vs Beanie Wells. LT is back, and Whhhaaaaaats this?! Brent Celek is in Megans lineup! Run Seds run. The sheer karmaic significance of that would make anyone thats seen a b-rated movie move up in their seats, buuuuut a suspended Dwayne Bowes still in the lineup so thats that. MJD might cover some of Rickys big thursday points that nobody in the world saw because thursday is not for football!, and Replicants surely will beat Megan in the WR matchup. Not the QB one though as the Cowboys alweays play the Redskins tough, and vice versa.
Im giving Bobby the benefit of the doubt, and say he'll remove Bowe from his lineup before sunday. Yeah this is my somewhat upset pick of the week, but I had a 33.80 point head start Megan Fox fineness makes the smiling Bots drool and they short circuit

11 Angry Men Vs Slugs Sweeties

Who knows where Drew Brees head is at with his moms death ruled a suicide. Strained relationship or not that will floor anyone. Tampa Bay will be playing the Saints like a bunch of hyper kids praying hustle will save them. This is the week Slugs duo Cardinal WRs will pay off as Warners going up against his old team St Louis. Westbrooks out so McCoy is da man'....oh Chris Johnson?! Nevermind. Angry Men lose two in a row?! The fact Andre Johnson will be negating Schaubs points somewhat helps. Angry Men win because........Yahoo said so oh I dont know!

Team Darcy Vs Gadsden Flag

Heres a cute exchange from the two in the smackbox...
  • Team DarcyNovember 17, 8:01 pm Let's do-si-do, Jay. And maybe I'll be nice and cover your trampled body with your little flag after your beat down this Sunday.
  • Gadsden FlagNovember 18, 4:20 am Were you trying to make me cry? Nobody told me Fantasy Football could result in injury or death. ;-)
  • Team DarcyNovember 20, 7:43 am Perhaps I should have kept my mouth shut until after I saw the injury reports! I'm slightly frightened.Slightly.
  • Gadsden FlagNovember 20, 1:39 pm Don't be too afraid. My Barber trade may bite me in the ass short term.
HA! Kurt Warner will be awesome baby awesome! Jay you dont know how big a trade that was for you Gadsden Flag surprises Darcy, and might surprise us all.

Yeah last year I had Matt Schaub, Reggie Wayne, and Adrian Peterson, and was unstoppable till Schaubs leg broke. So I know a strong QB/RB/WR combo could put a league on its ear

DaBears Vs Beantown Champs

Yahoo projected scores 119.41 vs 119.79 What the hell?! These matchups this week have never been tighter! I think my early prediction of no one team being dominant in this league is coming true. DaBears Roddy Whites gonna be syphoning points off Matt Ryan, but Rivers is up against a supposedly tough Denver D. Bernard Berrian is a lil gimped up, but Reggie Bush might not play at all, LaDell Betts may actually be the differencemaker since Portis is out DaHealthierBears bite the Champs on their running arse

Flash Vs PWs Odd Squad

Hey here it is! Heres the lopsided victory I was looking for! Miles Austin gets off the bus and gets beaten silly by the Odd Squad

Dont feel bad Flash. It could be worse, and speaking of the last matchup....

Yeah I think even Alabama would beat the next two teams...

TONGO Vs The Tateraters

Both of us are 1-9, and do you know just how many matchups Ive lost with a projected point advantage?! Alot. Cedric Benson is out, but new RB Jamaal Charles is gonna be sweating the fiercest run D in Pittsburgh. Damn! Bengals are in Oakland and Taters got 2 Bengal WRs Losing to Tater would be the hardest hit ever Tateraters fry the big monkey, but it doesnt matter folks. Week 13 Tongo will beat the Odd Squad, and redeem himself Yes Im serious

Quick update: Reggie Bush is out for Sunday's game against Tampa Bay. I think the Bush trade cut it pretty close to the 48-hours-before-kickoff mark anyway, so I don't know if it changes much for the new owner, Jay, but either way one of you will wanna bench him.

Meanwhile, I will celebrate the possibility of Pierre Thomas getting a slightly greater share of the carries, and a significantly greater share (in theory) of the goal line touches. Woohoo. And no, I'm not ashamed to be engaging in such blatant football schadenfraude.

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Thanks, Chris. I was aware that he might be out this week (and was actually hoping he'd get that extra rest), but the trade didn't clear until last night, so I don't get him until next week anyway.

Yeah, I'd lost track of when it went through, exactly. Not sure if 2 days means 48 hours, either, or two nights. IE: could a trade Friday morning at 12:50 PM be available Sunday at 12:50 PM, just before kickoff? Dunno, and it's an academic point now, anyway.

Well, here we go again; Steve Slaton has been announced as the starting running back on Monday. Of course, on one hand this is great news, and it fits with my expectation that he might actually put up pretty big numbers, even with all the uncertainty around his role. But even with this news, I'm not sure I can take a chance on him.

If something comes out about his actual share of the carries (starting by itself obviously doesn't mean a lot), I might have to reconsider, but man oh man, this makes for a quite a situation. McCoy, Hightower and an uncertain Slaton for two spots. It's a nice problem to have all of a sudden, but that doesn't make it any less agonizing.

Wouldn't be the weekend without a little lineup agony, though, eh?

Oh, and I can't believe I'm saying this, but curses on TONGO for snapping up the Detroit defense. I've got Baltimore going against the Colts, which obviously isn't acceptable, so I was scouring the free agency rolls for something at least mediocre. I settled on Detroit but had to wait for the Clark trade to go through first.

As bad as Detroit's defense is, it figures to be decent against Cleveland's anemic offense. Sad matchup, though; the Stoppable Force versus the Movable Object.

Think I'd have to play Slaton. Tough call though, you're right.
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It's here!! It's here!! Week 11 is Finally Here!! I can't believe it's already week 11 and there are 6 teams tied for 4th place!! Well points scored spreads out all six teams, but to have the top 9 teams separated by one win at this time is totally INSANE! I never thought it would be this close coming up to the playoffs, but at least its interesting and it makes every game important. Fridays deadline brought a flurry of trades before midnight, and every team is hoping they made the right deal that will propel them into the top 6 and from there, the coveted MoFo FFL Championship!! With the top two teams each taking it on the chin last week, even the bye weeks are up for grabs now and todays games could upset the top spots even more when its all said and done.
I'm so excited, I can barely contain myself, so lets get on with the PICKS OF THE WEEK:

The Replicants vs. I-L-M-F -
Well it looks like that choice to start Ricky Williams this week is coming up big for the Fox, with the Dolphins back getting him nearly 34 points Thursday night and a great lead going into todays games. Looking at the remainder of the matchups, the Bots will have an uphill climb to overcome the points lead Fox is off to, but it isn't impossible. McNabb tends to play well when playing Chicago and Vincent Jackson, MJD and Beanie Wells should rack up some decent numbers, but it may not be enough. Romo has potential for a HUGE payday, Santonio Holmes could have a career game against the Chiefs and LT looks like he is back on track, and may have big numbers today too against the division rival Broncos. The Bots have had a tough few weeks (he barely squeaked out a win versus yours truly 2 weeks back ) and I think this week it doesn't get any easier for him. At least he is a lock for the playoffs....for now anyway....

The Fox gives the Bots their second loss in a row

Flash vs. PW's Odd Squad -
Looks like we have another game where Thursdays starters have come up large for their owners and may make the difference in the end. Steve Smith has already accumulated 21 points and I think the rest of PW's team will follow suit and rack up major points as well, especially Ray Rice and Larry Fitzgerald, whom I expect to have ridiculous games this week. Flash made an excellent trade for Miles Austin and Jason Witten, and with the Cowboys playing the 'Skins today, they should shine for him big time. My only concern for the Flash is the Colts-Ravens matchup and how well Manning will fair against a hyped-up Baltimore defense, who wants nothing more than to crush the Colts and their 9-0 record. It doesn't look good for Peyton and Pierre this weekend, and I don't think the rest of the team will be able to make up the difference for the Flash.

PW still fighting for a bye week with his 4th win in a row

The Tateraters vs. TONGO -
I'm sure Tongo will fill that empty RB slot before kick-off, so I'm gonna base my picks on that happening, but having said that, I'm not sure if that will even matter. With Big Ben in KC and Ochocinco playing the Raiders, The Taters could see a steady stream of points racking up this weekend. I expect average performances from most of Taters team, but I see the same from all of Tongos squad, so Big Ben could be the difference maker in this matchup. Tongo needs Favre and Harvin to connect for a few Tds and for Gostkowski to leg it out over the Jets to keep from going 1-10, but it may be inevitable at this point.

The Taters get win #2 and climb out of the cellar

Gadsden Flag vs. Team Darcy -

Here we have two very evenly matched-up teams going at it in this contest, and I think its gonna be decided by the Quarterback positions in this one. With Kurt Warner now helming the Flag ship, and facing the Rams “pass friendly” back field, I think he will be the difference maker in this one. Most of the other positional matchups look pretty even, with the exception of All-Day facing the Seahawks of course, but overall, this one should come down to the wire.

Gadsden waves the flag of Victory in week 11

Hired Goons vs. Wolverines -
Here we have yet another seemingly close matchup that both teams have the ability to win, or lose, depending on what team shows up to play for each of them. Jay Cutler has BOOM or Bust potential for the Wolverines and has been the cause of alarm for Lisa's team all season. She has Moss and Edwards going head-to-head this week and I think Moss could have a decent showing this time around against the Jets secondary, but I think Edwards may have a harder time making a dent against a VERY super charged Patriot defense that has nothing but redemption on their minds and a plan on dishing out the PAIN on the Jets offense, so at least this one will be exciting to watch if nothing else. Forte needs to step it up and get those hard fought yards against an above average Philly D-line and Kevin Smith needs to take advantage of the Browns non-existent run stopping and make LTIZZY some needed points. The Goons have Rodgers and Jennings connecting against the 49ers, Lynch facing the Jags and Davis matched-up on the Packers backers, but I think he will fall a few points shy with Lewis and Williams not putting up the points needed to get the win.

Wolverines win this one, Bub! SHINKT!!

11 Angry Men vs. Slug's Sweeties -
Oh how the mighty have fallen!! The 11 Angry Men have looked more like the 11 Annoyed WalMart Greeters the past few weeks and with Drew Brees facing some very sad personal issues, this could be the beginning of the end for Yoda. With so much of his team riding on the Saints matchups, all that has to happen for the Sweeties to lock a win is a stellar game by the Bucs and its free sailing from there. I think Pierre Thomas should have a great game this afternoon and LeSean McCoy should do the same, but the forecast is uncertain on Brees and his performance will be the deciding factor in this one. With Schaub playing at home against the Titans and the tandem of Breaston and Boldin facing the Rams, the Sweeties look posed to hand the Men their 3rd straight loss and possibly a knock-out of the playoffs all together. And lets not forget Chris “I'm A Scoring Machine” Johnson facing Houston Monday night, not that any of us did, and what he brings to the table too. Looking like some bad ju-ju coming Yods way.

The Sweeties hand the Men their 4th loss of the season

Beantown Champs vs. Da Bears -
Well here we have my Match-up of the Week folks and it looks like its gonna be a dousy. With my foot still sore from kicking some Angry ass, I'm faced with the task of beating down Da Bears this week and its gonna be tough. Rivers always steps it up against the Broncos and DeAngelo Williams has already tallied some healthy points Thursday night, so I have my work cut-out for me. Matt Ryan has been struggling lately for me and with no Reggie Bush to bail me out this week, I need Jackson and Gore to really have HUGE games this weekend and save my ass from the fire. With a lot of “Q”'s and a “P” next to a few of Da Bears players, I have to hope some of those guys don't produce enough to overcome my push for the playoffs. Its gonna be close, but....

Beantown gets closer to the post season thanks to Hines “Happy Hands” Ward

So there you have it kids, my Week 11 picks for the MoFo League. As usual, Good Luck to Everyone and may the best teams win!!
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Great write-ups again, everyone! Petey and I are hitting the range during the 1:00 games, but I'll see some of you online around 4:00. Good luck to all except the other 6-4 teams and Darcy!

Oh wait...that's like 90% of the league.

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May we all have a great fantasy day.....hoping I take it this week and earn a spot in the playoffs this week or you will all here me whine about it like the girl I am !!!

Lets get it on my fantasy freaks

Gah. The Slaton thing is driving me insane. I don't know if I can play him without having an idea of the timeshare here, though. I fully expect the next 25 minutes to be terrible.

The Sweeties are gettin' torn up at the moment.
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T.O. got a 98-yard touchdown today... finally. But, I didn't play him

Bad season for me.

I am half agony, half hope.
Lost by a mere 7 or so points! Curse every player that dissed me today, a pox on your families!

Good job, Jay.
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Little floppy, hoppy, bunnies!
This is a close one for me point wise...lets hope my kicker can make it happen tonight! Oh the fantasy horrible goodness .....I must say I love it