Ned Stark Music Tournament


Think you used enough dynamite there, Butch?

The Knack
They say: that after people make love there's a kind of melancholia, the petite mort, the little death. Well, I'm here to tell you, after a romantic night with yourself there's a very acute sensation of failed suicide. ~Dylan Moran

I got confused who HK was i realized after sent the response. Well I'll have to figure something if no tie is broken by tomarrow. May have to switch to 2 songs per battle so no more ties.

Since Its a 3 way tie I have decided you will cast the vote for least favorite Song of the 3 and 2 of the ties will advance will one liked the least will not.

I love the Beach Boys but dont like this song or really know it well. So Beach Boys least Fav song out of the 3

Well with 3 Votes 2 and Zero. Eye Of The Tiger looks to loose. So Beach Boys and The Knack Advances

Round One Battle 2

Kenny Loggins------Meet Me Half Way.


Sam Cooke -----A Change Is Gonna Come

Decided to do 2 Song Battles Because with 6 Voters.