Lost in Space

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It seems that a few guys here enjoyed Lost in Space.

To quote this thread:
"Most people I know dislike Lost in Space, but it's one of my favorites of the modern sci-fi's."

Personally, I felt the movie was a dull cliche, with average directing, poor acting and shameful visual effects. So basically, there was nothing to enjoy.

Of course, I might be missing something. It is possible that I was simply expecting something else (which must be the most common cause of movie misinterpretation).

So maybe you guys can tell me what you liked in the movie. Was there something political? some hidden, idealistic message perhaps?
I thought it was supposed to be a "pure fun" movie, which it wasn't.

Straight wackness. Lost in Space sucked.
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I liked it. It was fun. Decent effects, a few laughs, and some genuine excitement. I've no idea why so many dismiss it, though I suspect some find it the chic thing to do.

Nah, I don't care about that. I liked Water World and Armageddon and people hated me for that.

Did you watch it in the cinema or at home?

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i agree with you 100% penguin, i stand that movie.
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I too enjoyed Lost in Space. What about Wild Wild West? That movie is so widely hated. I thought it was a very enjoyable movie. Sure te chemistry between Will Smith and Kevin Kline wasn't all that great, and Will Smith didn't go along with the time period all that well, but it was fun. And I love Kenneth Branagh.
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I was never a real fan of the television series, though I have seen it often enough. I was certainly not loyal to it, so that helped. I liked it mainly because of the special effects, sound, and Matt LeBlanc. I don't know why people pan it for its CGI, it was better than a lot of other movies at that time, and the soundtrack grabbed me immediatly. But above all it was LeBlanc. The only reason I ever watched Friends was because of Joey, but then he did that stupid monkey movie as his first side job. Then this came out and I really thought he was perfect in the role. I get really loyal behind certain actors that are not 'huge' in the industry, and have to keep proving themselves. It was a good freshman effort. As far as the story...I saw nothing that deep in it, except maybe the problems of waste and renewal, but nothing other than that. Then again, I didn't think I was going to see Ghandi.
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