Terrifier 3


"Honor is not in the Weapon. It is in the Man"
It's officially happening. Lauren LaVera (Sienna) and David Howard Thornton (Art the Clown) are returning as is writer/director Damien Leone. The budget is expected to be four times bigger than that of Terrifier 2.

It's All About the Movies

Well, I've liked the previous two, but I still prefer the simplicity of the original. As much as I enjoyed it, most of the plotlines in the second felt like a bloated build-up to the inevitable third one.
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I hated the first, but felt like the second gave me all that I wished the first one had.

I'm not a fan of this franchise or whatever, but I'm interested in the third.

I liked the second one, even if I didn't want to, but I think the only way my interest can be drawn towards suffering a third one is if they truly break boundaries here and give us a Satantango length movie of unbearable unpleasantness.

If it's not at least six hours long, count me out.

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This looks like Hot Garbage that should go straight to SHUDDER