Guilty Or Not Guilty


"In the water I'm a very skinny lady"
Not Guilty

Have you ever been asked for directions and made the stranger believe you don't speak English?

Haha lol. Not guilty.

Have you ever done something wrong that went unnoticed, only to later having to be part of a discussion where you had to act like you were also very interested to know about this person who did something, basically speaking about yourself as a stranger (i.e. “yeah it is indeed a shame about that glass vase. It was so nice. Can’t believe someone just broke that and left it on the floor”)

Not guilty - although I do have coffee every morning with breakfast and throughout the day (often switching to iced coffee in the afternoon), but I do not usually have coffee after dinner unless engaging in formal dining where coffee is served - which is pretty much never these days.

Realized there was something still in your shopping cart that you accidentally didn't pay for, but left the premises anyway?
(This goes for whether you were still in the store - or were already outside when you discovered your accidental theft... and does that make a difference?)

Not Guilty

Have you ever cared about someone more than your parents?

Not guilty. Don't even know why I would.

Ever spent more than 50K on a car?