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Is anyone planning on watching Made in the USA tonight. It premieres on USA and looks pretty cool - just seeing if anybody else will be tuning in?

Angie- I didn't happen to watch Made, but I saw Mtv's newest show, Fast Inc. Have you heard of that? I had kept seeing the trailers for it and decided that it was probably worth watching. Im not a huge car person, but it was a quality show about these three guys and their love for cars, and some of the rides they showed were SICK. Anyways, if you're into MTV, you should check it out. Its on Mondays at 10:30PM

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I have an idea for a reality show. Is anyone interested in hearing about my idea?

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Wow... that's one big bump. Ha ha. Made is oooooold. :P As for Fast Inc, I really like that show. It's really original and the idea was executed very well. Too bad the season's over... I'm hoping for a new season soon.

But man... those CARS! Those were some awesome cars.