Your Favourite Rolling Stones Song.


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OK, so we've had a Beatles thread, and I just finished watching the documentary " Gimmie Shelter " about the Stones ill fated free concert in San Francisco in 1969. The music is outstanding, it shows the Stones in all their glory, at the height of their power, so what's your fave Stones number, and as I'm feeling generous, you don't have to stick to just one song!

My favourite is " Gimmie Shelter ", heard it in so many movies, just love it!

So c'mon people gimmie satisfaction and post a reply!
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I Am Waiting

Jumpin Jack Flash

Play With Fire

Paint it Black

Gimme Shelter

Some of my favorites are...

Paint it Black
Gimmie Shelter
Get Off My Cloud
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Forgot to mention the leftfield choice of " we love you "
great choices so far peeps, keep it up.
P.S. Save the Keef man!

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Damn Darth! I was gonna start this thread. Well anyway...

1. "Sympathy for the Devil"

This was the first Stones song that I heard and was consciously aware of just who I was listening to. Coincidentally, I had just discovered The Beatles and decided I would delve further into this exciting new world of classic rock. I went to the library with my dad and we went right to the CD racks. I asked him what I should check out. He scanned the shelves and pulled out Beggar's Banquet. It took me a while to fully digest and appreciate the rest of the raw, arcane blues and country influenced rock & roll on the album but from the moment I heard the rollicking conga beat, followed by the marraccas and Jagger's enthusiastic jungle noises I knew I was in for something special. I had never heard such impassioned vocals. Never did I realize the piano could be employed to a rock song in such a kick-ass manner. Keith Richards' guitar solo seemed to slice right through the rest of the music with a sharpness and intensity that can still sometimes give me chills. I had never before heard music that sounded so huge. Without all the technical advantages of the modern bands I was used to, they had made music that was bigger and more epic, rocked harder, was more creative and stood the test of time to remain one of the best songs ever for 37 years.

2. "Gimme Shelter"
3. "Salt of the Earth"
4. "Jigsaw Puzzle"
5. "Let's Spend the Night Together"
6. "Wild Horses"
7. "Country Honk"
8. "Sweet Black Angel"
9. "Shine a Light"
10."Midnight Rambler"
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Good thread, Darth. I actually thought about doing this myself the other day....

Nowadays, I like Stones better than The Beatles. I think the Stones albums are more even and as a rock'n'roll/rythm'n'blues band they beat The Beatles by miles and miles.

I just love so many of the Stones songs but there is one that I love just a little bit more than the rest. It's from the wonderful and often overlooked album "Some Girls" (1978) and I first heard it as a kid with Bette Midler. Yes, it's "Beast of Burden". Perhaps some of you raise your eyebrows in surprise over this cheesy pick of mine, but I think it's such a super cool song.

What I like so much about the Stones is that even though Jagger/Richards are the heart of the band, it still functions as an entity. Wyman, Watts and Wood with their personal styles are vital for the band's sound.

I just think the song has one of the coolest most delicate riffs ever written for guitar. And then it's embellished with all this beautiful guitar licks all the way through the song. Ronnie Wood and Keef have said in interviews that often when they record songs they can't decide afterwards who's playing what, and I can imagine that "Beast of Burden" is one of those songs. Then we have the rythm section with Watts and Wyman playing as cool as ever... I really love the way Watts play. And Jagger sings with loads and loads of passion as usual and I think the lyrics are really cool. "Aint I rich enough??". Jagger's not rich enough?? Wow... I think it's an accomplishment for a rich rock star to be able to make us poor common sods recognize ourselves in the lyrics while at the same time it could be about himself.

And the outro... "Pretty pretty pretty pretty such a pretty girl...." Love it...
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Yeah I have to agree with Strummer, whilst I love the Beatles, I prefer the Stones, there is just something about their music that always makes me wanna get up and strut like Jagger everytime I hear one of their songs.
Both wrote amazing songs, the Beatles are more melodic, but the Stones have more of a raw edge to their music, I suppose the Stones were more influenced by the Blues and Soul, can't fully describe it, but I guess that the Stones were bad boys also helped sell their music, the real sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll band.
Spoke to my mum about the Stones, and in her opinion the Stones were the more popular band in her heyday, she also claims that the Stones were more cutting edge with their music, but that could just be down to the fact my mum was a rock-chick in her younger days, I know, I've seen the photos!!!
Could be argued that the Stones were the better musicians, but that's for someone else to start a thread on, so for now, get off my cloud!

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19th Nervous Breakdown

Play With Fire

Ruby Tuesday

Out of Time

Love in Vain



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Originally Posted by Darth Stujitzu
Stones were more cutting edge with their music,
I really have to disagree with that. Everything The Beatles did advanced popular music and changed what was thought possible in the genre. The Stones just took music that already existed, basicly blended all of americana into one raw rugged sound that is great, but in my opinion not cutting edge at all. Except for their shot at bringing exotic sounds into Rock & Roll with "Sympathy for the Devil". They seemed throughout their early years just to be trying to compete with The Beatles (hence the sitar in "Paint It Black") and didn't truly flourish until they stopped trying to do something new and adapted all of the old styles of American music to their vision. The Beatles pioneered into the future while The Stones were delved into the past for their sound. Did they kick F***ing @$$? Yes. Were they cutting edge? Not in my opinion.

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As stated, it's my mum's opinion, she claims that her and her friends liked both, but found the Stones to be more hip.Personal choice I guess.
As for the Beatles, their songs are classic, and I guess a little more mainstream, have heard loads of classical music versions of the Beatles as well as elevator music!
I suppose the Beatles were the pioneers, and yes early Stones tracks did seem to try and sound like the Beatles, as did Status Quo and even the Bee Gees, but once the Stones found their own groove, they came into their own.
As a music lover, I love both, but I listen more to the Stones than the Beatles, and the Stones are still on the go and in the public limelight more. Don't know if McCartney ever did anything worth noting after the Beatles, unlike Lennon who seemed to be shaping up for a successfull solo career, but again that is for someone else to ponder!

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mixed emotions hands down

You Can't Always Get What You Want
Mother's Little Helper
Sympathy For The Devil
Under My Thumb
Miss You

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Gimme Shelter. I also like their recent-ish Don't Stop, which I found quite underrated.

Paint it Black: My all-time favourite song ever!
Fool To Cry: My second favourite song of theirs.
You Can't Always Get What You Want
Not Fade Away
Mother's Little Helper
Wild Horses
It's All Over Now
Losing My Touch
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Get off my island
My favourite is Wild Horses...
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There's no place like home
Sympathy for the Devil
Honky Tink Women
Fool to Cry
I'm Just waiting on a friend
Jumpin Jack Flash
Wild Horses
Lets Spend the Night Together
Its Only Rock N Roll
Mother's Little Helper
19th Nervous Breakdown
Beast of Burden (my all time favorite)
You Can't Always get What You want - Don't you just love that scene in "The Big Chill" at the funeral home where Jo Beth William is playing the organ and she starts to play "You Can't Always Get What You Want" classic....I can't wait to have a funeral just like that....well, maybe I could wait a few more years. lol.