The Battle of Algiers vs. Braveheart


I find both movies similar in the sense that they are both about rebels trying to fight to get their land back. But which one is better, since they are both pretty good I would say?

While I know both films, I don't know about the extent of the historical accuracy of the entirity of 'The Battle of Algiers'. However there is little resemblence between the William Wallace and the events of 'Braveheart', and the William Wallace of history, let alone the events portrayed in the film. Additionally, the Battle of Algiers doesn't tend to romanticize the characters anywhere near to the same extent that Braveheart does. Braveheart is an entertaining film but it is highly fictionalized and romanticized.

So if historical accuracy is something that is important to you when assessing and comparing these 2 films then it should be at least be acknowledged.

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The Battle of Algiers and it's not even close.
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Oh okay, well I would that that historical accuracy is not that important to me, as long as the point and theme comes across, and as long as it feels real to the time, and not more Hollywood, like some movies do where they change history. We know that one side one over the other, and what the filmmaker wants us to feel from that.

And I like both in different ways because I like how Braveheart is romanticized, but also like how The Battle of Algiers, takes the 'just the ugly facts' approach. So they both work in different ways for sure.

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Even after allowing for the fact that Braveheart is a romanticised and historically inaccurate film, I still think it's a chore to watch with little actual merit.