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Who are these actors?



I have just bought these original photos - but i don't know who the persons/actors/singers on them are. Can anyone help me?

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Catherine Deneuve in the top one, Jean-Paul Belmondo in the bottom.
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thanks! do you know which movies they are from?

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The best place I know of to find out about actors -- and which films they appeared in, is (Internet Movie Data Base).
You just type the name of the actor/actress in the search bar at the top of their webpage, and look through the search results for a matching name. Click on that name, and you'll find a comprehensive list of their films

thanks! do you know which movies they are from?
Belmondo probably in Breathless. Deneuve photo would have to know who the man is for the name of the movie.
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Oops, apologies OleOlesen -- I misread your question (you want to identify which specific movies these photo's are from). Another possibility for Belmondo would be 'That Man From Rio' (1964). I don't have a suggestion for the Deneuve picture.

There’s an app called reverse image search that may help I have used this app with good results.