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Quentin Tarantino doing Star Trek - Great idea or what the ****?


"F**king Captain's f**king log, muthaf**ker"

"Captain... the f**king sensors are f**king picking something up... and whatever the f*** it is, it's f**king weird"
"Well f**king go to f**king red f**king alert then for f*** sake, muthaf**ker!"

Doesn't sound right for Star Trek.
Ya know - I think it was established that people in the future ST universe had, for the most part, given up on using the "colorful metaphors" of the late 20th and early 21st century in their speech and opted for more logical, respectful and tolerant language.

Of course you still had mild use of swear words like "Damn it, Jim! I'm a Doctor not an Etymologist!" or "You Klingon bastard you killed my son."

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But it seems to me that the "Proof of Death" is much more interesting than the "Pulp Fiction."
Although it is clear that everyone who creates something has udychnye attempts and vice versa. It is not possible that everything was successful. This is normal.

It's Only Weird If You Make It Weird
It seems like it's just a story credit, so not as big a deal as every report is making out

Huh, poor Star Trek. I can magine these faces in blood and arms with a sword. No light sword, of course. But it would be quite interesting to watch. It can be a real call for him, i'm sure.

It's official. Tarantino is NOT directing a Star Trek movie. What a relief! It would have been a waste of his talent if you ask me. Bring on Movie #10!
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It's official. Tarantino is NOT directing a Star Trek movie. What a relief! It would have been a waste of his talent if you ask me. Bring on Movie #10!
Oh, that's good. At first I was going to incredibly disappointed that his last film would be Star Trek one. I mean, does anyone think Tarantino when thinking of the popular soap opera in space?

I'm not old, you're just 12.
I'm glad he's not doing it. I love Tarantino and I love Star Trek, but the two should never go together. Tarantino talks out of his @$$ a lot of the time anyways. He never was going to make Kill Bill 3 or The Vega Brothers or any of the other films he's talked about over the years and never wrote. The makers of James Bond were smart to ignore his pitch for Casino Royale all those years ago, he would have gotten bored and left the project before a single frame was filmed. He is wise to just make movies whenever the mood takes him, he's never made a bad movie, and I don't think he will.
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I've been mixed on this thing from the start, so it's probably for the best. I don't think he would have done a bad job directing Star Trek, but if he's not writing the script, what's the point? His dialogue is easily the most entertaining part of his movies.
I also think it's good to just continue with something that's purely him instead of a pre-existing property. He has a good enough imagination to come up with something new.