The MoFo Top 100 Action Movie Countdown

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I've seen all of these again. A few from my list came up this time around though. John Wick I had at 13, and Ghost Protocol at 6, but for some reason that seems like it should be reversed to me.

I also had Fast Five at 24. I'm not a fan of the Fast franchise, but that film changed the series from being "just plain terrible" to "awful, but also rather fun".

Seen: 51/55
My List: 6
2 honourable mentions

03. Edge of Tomorrow (2014)
04. Lethal Weapon 2 (1989)
06. Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (2011)
07. Kingsman: The Secret Service (2014)
13. John Wick (2014)
21. Crank (2006) (H)
23. Taken (2008)
24. Fast Five (2011) (H)

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Nothing from my list today, but I've seen all of the entries and two of the honorables. From this batch 300 and John Wick are my favorites, both heavy on the stylized and cinematic action scenes. My dad got me into the fast & furious franchise with the line that "It's just like Point Break, but with cars." Since then the series has had it's ups and downs, but I hold to the fact that since #4 they've been genuinly great action movies (maybe they dipped a bit with the last one, but the ending is too good to call it bad). Saw CTHD once a long time ago, don't remember anything about it or if I liked it.

Thought for sure that Minority Report would make the list, it's a good movie and it has some nice action scenes. Allways liked the shock-rifle that you re-charged by spinning it round on itself. The scene where Cruise glides across the floor and charges it only to blast away three guys at the same time was awesome.

Seen 47/55

Honorables 24/33
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I did not vote for either of them, but very happy John Wick and 300 made it. Great flicks.

Seen 4 of the last 5.

My List: 6
Seen: 46/55

6. Dirty Harry
9. Desperado
13. Mad Max
15. Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl
21. Demolition Man
23. Escape from New York

Somehow I missed Escape from New York on the list. It was my #23.

I disliked Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol a lot, and would have preferred Minority Report had made the countdown, though I didn't vote for it (the latter also happens to be the only film I've seen starring Tom Cruise that I actually liked).

Between the list and the honorable mentions today, the only one I've seen is 300.

Words cannot express how much I despise that movie.
It was awful, wasn't it?

Also, since when has walking been considered action?
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FAST FIVE DID NOT MAKE THE LIST (neither did Minority Report)!!!?? I'm calling it, Omni's been screwing with the score.
I like Minority Report. Woulda taken it over any of the 3 I mentioned.
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Didn't have any of the picks today on my list but I enjoyed the ones I've seen.

Saving Private Ryan, Crouching Woman, Hidden Sausage (uh, I mean Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon), John Wick and 300 I liked very much, although the "My name is John Wick, you killed my puppy, prepare to die" scenario I didn't care for. I hate it when they use the death of an animal to ensure the hero/antihero will be enraged to kill. Just piss him off some other way. I mean, I cop to being manipulated by action movies using dead people to motivate the protagonist to seek revenge, but not puppies, dogs, cats, etc. As far as I'm concerned, let the dog live, then have him lick up the blood of the dead villains at the end. Still, John Wick was indeed a good action flick.

Have not seen Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol but have the DVD and will do so.

On the Honorable Mentions, I've seen A Better Tomorrow and loved it. Can't go wrong with John Woo, especially before he came to Hollywood to make films. Still like some of them, too. And Chow Yun Fat is a true movie icon. Love that guy! Few action stars look cooler holding a gun.

Fast Five I have not seen. Saw the first one and liked it. Only saw part of the second one, with the kid from Sling Blade grown up and racing cars. Saw most of the third one, Tokyo Drift and liked it, especially the leading lady and the surprise guest at the end of the movie. Those are it so far but wouldn't mind seeing the others.

Have seen Minority Report and liked it quite a bit. Say what you want about Tom Cruise's real life goings-on, the guy knows how to pick good action flicks, especially lately. I wish I'd thought to put Edge of Tomorrow on my list. I really loved that movie. The action was gangbusters and Emily Blunt was smoking as usual. Really pleased to see a lot of favorites showing up.
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Wow, got a hat trick on that one. 3 in a row.
I had John Wick at #7, Ghost Protocol at #19 and 300 at #24 with another honorable mention with A Better Tomorrow

Ghost Protocol is definitely my favorite of the MI franchise and while there is a lot of hate for Wick and 300 (The over acting in 300 is irritating as hell) this is a list for action and both of them have some seriously great action.

My List:
#7 John Wick (48)
#8 The Good, The Bad, and The Weird (Honorable)
#9 Ong Bak (Honorable)
#18 A Better Tomorrow (Honorable)
#19 Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (47)
#20 Desperado (20)
#24 300 (46)

Watched: 48/55
Honorable: 26/33

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I wouldn't call any film(s) in this list so far AWFUL but yes there's some less deserving choices, IMO and this is kinda disturbing to see John Wick & Ghost Protocol has beaten films like A Better Tomorrow & Minority Report.

300 & Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon were good picks.

Seen them all from this last batch but voted for FAST FIVE only, though it was a great action flick!

300 (2006) - Haven't seen this movie.
Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (2011) - Haven't seen any of the Mission Impossible movies.
John Wick (2014) - Haven't seen this movie.
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000) - Haven't seen this movie.
Saving Private Ryan (1998) - I saw this in the theater many years ago, and I remember it being a very good movie, but I don't remember much about the movie itself.

Honorable Mentions:
A Better Tomorrow (1986) - Never heard of it.
Fast Five (2011) - I've seen a few of the Fast & Furious movies, but I'm not sure which ones.
Minority Report (2002) - Haven't seen this movie, but it's been on my watchlist for a while.
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Yeah, I mean I know how I voted and all but I can definitely respect their inclusion. It's not like we're talking about something like Lucy or Wanted here.
Way too much stupid talk on the forum. Iroquois, Iím thinking about you.

Yeah, I mean I know how I voted and all but I can definitely respect their inclusion. It's not like we're talking about something like Lucy or Wanted here.
Didn't care for Wanted and Lucy was just garbage, but as it turns out, no one nominated either of those movies.

Even having only just seen John Wick and not being especially generous toward it, I think it's a fair inclusion.