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Raging Bull

I am a big Scorsese fan and have watch mostly all of his movies, this was one that for some reason or another never seem to have watched. I was a bit thrown thinking it was going to be an underdog boxing movie like Rocky or Warrior. I was a guess a bit disappointed in the fact it was not that so I was playing the waiting game of when it was all going to happen. I think the style Scorsese went with worked for the movie and the two leads were superb which obviously flowed over to Goodfellas and Casino. There was just something about it that didnt made me not enjoy as much as I think I should have. As this is a first viewing I am sure watching it again may change my mind, it was more like I didnt care what happened to La Motta in the end and he deserved everything he got.

2/5 Stars (for now)
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The Man from U.N.C.L.E

This was not Richie's best but it was still a decent film to watch, it was sort of a slow paced James Bond film I found. I found it odd that English actor was playing an American and an American actor was playing a Russian. I guess they both bought some charisma to a bit of a drab plot. I know this was based off of a TV show but was it as slow moving as this? When Richie took on Sherlock Holmes I thought it would not work but he made it work, with this he didn't really make it his own. Overall it isn't too bad of a watch if you enjoy this sort of thing but again not his best but definitely not his worst.

2.5/5 Stars

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31 (2016)

Quite tired of watching this typical redneck sort of characters in RZ movies! Wonder when he will make a film without these uninteresting & badly written (like even in this film) **** load of characters who only left zero impression to care for them...really who cares whether they would live or die at any point of time in the movie!?! Other than Doom-Head (Richard Brake)'s monologue at the beginning, it was just another very disappointing film from RZ; ****** average story with ****** characters & a crap ending.

Tell Me How I Die (2016)

In a snow covered, isolated medical facility, a group of young college students paid to participate in the trial of a new memory-curing drug. It turns out that the drug works all too well, having the unintended side effect of giving its users the ability to see into the very near future...about what's going to happen next! But shortly it turns out to be their own deaths at the hands of a homicidal maniac who must be taking the same drug himself, because he seems to know what they're going to do before they do it...and there just happens to be a raging blizzard outside.

An average, flawed but still an entertaining slasher flick! I enjoyed it mostly because it's been a really long time, I guess since I last seen a slasher film made with a fine cast & budget.

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Ginger Snaps (2000)

Excellent alternative take on the werewolf genre. Lots of gore and lots of black comedy. Don't be put off by the teeny-looking cover like I was. It was slightly spoiled by a predictable ending but its still a strong horror.

Too weird to live, and too rare to die.

White Heat -

This was my first James Cagney film i believe. I mostly knew him from an episode of The Sopranos in which the plot partly involves Tony watching and relating to a James Cagney movie. Actually thought it might have been this one but after i finished this i looked it up and it was The Public Enemy. Anyway, good film. I really liked the pacing how we jumped into the action right away. My only real complaints are that i thought there was a few dull stretches and i wasn't crazy about the music, not that it was bad it just felt like it was everpresent. Cagney was very good. His relationship with his mother interested me mostly because the scenes Tony watched in The Sopranos episode i was talking about were of Cagney and his mother, it's pretty odd that there's two Cagney as a criminal with a complex relationship with his mother films. It was a bit surprising that he was so genuinely evil from the start, i think it is a good thing i just expected him to be a lot more sympathetic i suppose his headaches/father problems and the facts that he always needed to be on his toes because his associates were attempting to oust him were supposed to be reasons to explain how brutal and nasty he was. Great finale, think the whole chemical part was my favourite in the film.

Good film. Didn't love it but there was a lot of good things about it and it has made me interested in checking out more classic hollywood crime movies.

No, I tried to give it a fancy 3.95 just to be funny, and it made it look like a 0/5.

But then, you may want to know why so high ? So in a few words, I thought the acting was great. I like young Pacino, maybe even more then older Pacino. And for a change, I did not feel cheated by a cheesy happy end, but rather I thought the story was nicely told, with a bittersweet aftertaste that is much to my liking.

Yeah, i don't hate it or anything i just don't love it. I just thought that rating was really harsh.

You can only go up in .5 by the way; 0.5,1.0,1.5, etc. I guess you realize that now but just in case haha.

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The Twilight Samurai -

Easy to think of this as a good companion piece to Samurai Rebellion.
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