How Old Are You??


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Acting on an idea Commish had, I think it's time someone put up this thread!!

So, How Old Are You?

It'll be really interesting to find out the ages of all the posters on this forum, I think ther'll be some surprises (I've already been surprised ).

I turned 18 two months ago

I turned 29 last July (which means I turn 30 this July... getting close to Mid-Life Crisis time).

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I turn 16 in July. I hate saying I'm 15, it makes me sound really young.
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Didn't see it.
35 next month.
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Well, at least I'm not the Elder Statesman of the group.

I'm 32.
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just turned 21 a couple months ago babeee, woohoo!!!


heheh. not that that really changes anything. i tend to forget my age most of the time and tell people 17 -- that's honestly when my brain turned off. i've been on autopilot ever since.

Older than dirt. Born when dirt was new. Lol. 26 and counting.
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21. Laurie...are you married?
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LOL...not married. Haven't walked off that plank yet.

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I'm six years old. No really, I am. I was one of those fortunate people to be born on Feb. 29th. But since we count the 28th as my birthday, I'll be 21 next month.
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Hehe You've got to be the first person I know who was born on the 29th of February!!

I turn 17 on February 20.
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Originally posted by Zephyrus

Hehe You've got to be the first person I know who was born on the 29th of February!!
There's actually a lot of us. I had gotten my hands on some info about people born on the 29th and every leap year there's a celebration and stuff like that. It's not as uncommon as you'd think. But it is funny to tell people, "Oh yeah, I'm six years old." *LOL*

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I will be turning 18 on August 14. I get to buy cigarettes, but I don't smoke, and I missed voting by one year.

There's no real good birthdate until 25. Then you can do everything... smoke, drink, vote, and the most important, rent a car. Damn you teenage drivers who make my car insurance super high!

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Are you really 6? Can you drive? Can you drink? Do you have trouble getting into R rated movies? That's so cool!

I just turned 19 Feb 5th.........

29 year old Australian here.
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