Favorite Obscure Movie


You know those movies you have seen that no one you know has, movies you love but were never very popular.

I have a few that I would recommend.

"The Stoned Age"

A movie that takes place in the 70's about two guys that drive around their town in search of getting drunk, stoned, and laid.

A very funny movie, everyone I show it to falls in love with it. Not well known at all I don't even know if it was in theaters, I think I caught it once on HBO and remembered the title to it and found the DVD one day. Awesome flick.

"The Mating Habits Of The Earthbound Human"

Starring: Carmen Electra, David Hyde Pierce

A strange movie but funny, It's supposed to be like a documentary for aliens about human and their mating rituals, though the narrator gets most of whatís going on wrong. Itís a bit nutty but funny as hell. Carmen Electra is younger in this film and very very hot. This was another movie I saw on HBO and had to find it on home video though I looked and looked I couldnít find it till years later when they released it on DVD.

Those are just a couple of mine, what about you anyone have any good movies I have never seen?
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Originally Posted by Anomaly_X7
Those are just a couple of mine, what about you anyone have any good movies I have never seen?
How would I know what you have and haven't seen? Though I'm guessing just about any movie made before 1970 that I can think of.

For starters, look at threads like THIS ONE and THIS ONE.
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Originally Posted by Holden Pike
For starters, look at threads like THIS ONE and THIS ONE.
Those two threads don't necessarily apply.

Example: The Monster Squad

That's my favorite obscure movie, but I wouldn't call it "underrated" or a "top cult movie."

Not true I have seen many many movies that were made before 1970, I am simply talking about movies that were not mainstream, those films that were great but slipped through the cracks into obscurity. "The Monster Squad" a very good one Sleezy. "The Explorers" is another. Or "Up The Academy".

But as many movies as I have seen I am always looking for some that I havenít. There are a ton of great movies out there that never made it into the spotlight, that I am sure I would love. Thatís all I am looking for. Just something to have fun with.

Also those threads you posted are old, time for an update.

I saw the Monster Squad years ago and loved it. I've been looking for a copy of it for a while now, hopefully there are plans in the future for DVD.

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does anyone know what the name of that movie, where the guy moves into a new town and all the "prep" cliche is wierded than most. and he comes to find out that they are mind controlled in some way. i remember a part about him and some other chick who shares his feelings about the whole thing, they get captured and find out that all the people are being caught and then having something burn their eyes, which in some way controls them? also everytime i think of it, the song "flagpole sitta" by harvey danger comes to mind if that helps in any way.

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Originally Posted by Pyro Tramp
Oops, my bad. You sure it's The Faculty though?
Either that or Disturbing Behavior. Didn't they spread the 'infection' in The Faculty by making all the students get eye tests? Im also pretty sure its the only reason Flagpole Sitta was ever popular.

Disney's Tuck Everlasting with Alexis Bledel and Jonathan Jackson. I really like this one and not to many people have seen it.

The only eye test i remember in The Faculty was the one Josh Hartnett gave his teacher with the drug pen. I thought it was those little alien worms. Doesn't really matter though.

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I don't know if it's obscure but more people need to see it. I'm talking about 8 1/2. It's a dopely satisfying movie.
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Titanic. Okay, just kidding.
The Blood of Heroes.

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The Rules of Attraction
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The quiet earth.

Not sure if this counts.

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"Pepi, Luci, Bom & Other Girls Like Mom"

Almodovar first 'commercial' movie (he made "****, **** Me Tim" in 1978 but it was never released and it's so rare that not even director's greatest fan are able to see it).
It's crude, at times vulgar at may look immature. But it's explosive, funny and clever.
It's only 'flaw' is Almodovar's total lack of shame that may bring people to find this outrageous for many reasons. (a 16 yrs old performing pissing on an adult woman, the same woman being hitten by her husband and likin' it etc.. not easy to handle and understand if you have too many prejudices). But see it if you're a movie geek, it's needed.

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