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it was a good laugh but, I won't watch it again.
no one else is dealing with your demons friend - tyler joseph.

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Seconds - 6/10 (could have been a 10 though)

I just finished "Seconds". I think the theme was great, but I felt the film was flawed in that it had a lot of holes. It was only 90 minutes long, and I felt the script and the scenes concentrated on things outside of the theme. For instance, the Hollywood Production Code was coming to an end. The film used way too much time on the first part. 1966 was probably the first I saw a woman entirely nude on film, and people like seeing it, but it shouldn't be a substitute for quality. That scene could have been 10 seconds, not 10 minutes. It finally did pick up when Hudson goes to see his "wife" - we learn more about him, yet, we learn that she knew hardly anything about him. I think it would have been better to maybe go back and add ten minutes to the beginning... Concentrating on the philosophical aspects of the theme, instead of the terror, questions unanswered, focusing on what's important in life, how a new life and success doesn't necessarily mean a better life. How we might appreciate things, especially our life until we don't have it. Maybe dreaming is the best part of life? Maybe once you have everything you thought you want you were either wrong, or you have an empty feeling as there is nowhere to go from there, like "What now?"

While We're Young 2015

Adam Driver is hot right now and he's fairly entertaining. But nothing else about this little mid-life crisis film left an impression on me.


Daredevil 2015

After binge watching it over two days it certainly felt like I was watching an incredibly long movie.

I had very low expectations after Marvel's other small screen outings but Daredevil is something different entirely. High production values, excellent cast and unexpected plot twists.

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Quien sabe? a.k.a. A Bullet for the general (1966)

At least 4 spaghetti western will definitely make my 60's list and I wanted to watch a last one before I send my list in. A Bullet for the General is a very solid one, but not particularly memorable. The story is enjoyable and it never feels too long, due to a very good pacing. However, it's equal to dozens of other westerns... The last 30 minutes are quite good though. Gian Maria Volonté and Klaus Kinski are 2 actors I enjoy very much so it was good to see them here. Bacalov is also a composer who I like very much, though he's not Morricone, and his soundtrack here has some very good moments.
A good film overall, though not worthy to make the Top movies of the decade.

I just watched Before Sunrise for the first time it was simply amazing and has to be given an A

Care for some gopher?
Three Ages (USA, 1923, Buster Keaton/ Edward F. Cline) -

Steamboat Bill, Jr. (USA, 1928, Buster Keaton/Charles Reisner) -
"Gentlemen, you can't fight in here. This is the war room."

Care for some gopher?
Rocco e i suoi fratelli (I/F, 1960, Luchino Visconti) -

I liked this movie quite a bit. Could have been a little shorter, though.

Kuroneko (1968)

Japanese horror in which a mother and her daughter-in-law are living alone after the son/husband is taken away to fight in battle. Samurai raid the women's home, raping and killing them, and burning down their hut. They return as ghosts in human form, with a vow to the god of evil to drink the blood of every samurai. Complications arrive when the son/husband returns, now a respected samurai himself. This movie is not especially scary or shocking, but it's tragic and very creepy. It also has great atmosphere and cinematography.

Sorry for my bad English :p
the gold rush 1925

not my favorite chaplin , not even in the top 3 , but that doesn't mean it's not good , not at all !
funny , entertaining , clever ; those are the 3 words that discribe perfectly the film.

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the general 1926 ( buster keaton )

the first buster keaton movie that i've watched , and it was a great start , i really enjoyed it.

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Metropolis 1927 ( fritz lang )

Wow ! what an epic masterpiece !
the story , the atmosphere , the cinematography , everything was way ahead of its time !
every science fiction movie that came after owes a LOT to this movie.

its the first fritz lang that i've seen , and i cant wait for watching more like M..

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Pandora's box 1929 ( G.W. Pabst )

i found this movie a little bit boring at some times when i was watching it , but its a nice movie overall with an intresting idea but i think that it could've been better
i really loved the ending though..

Sorry for my bad English :p
The passion of joan of arc 1928 ( Carl Theodor Dreyer )

i'm not Christian , i'm not interested in Christianism , so i didn't find the story intesting for my taste.
but technically speaking its very well done , especially editing and camera movements that i found brilliant for a 20s movie !
and the acting by Maria Falconetti was iconic !

Bit of a slow-burner with a strange plot. The performances were great and the cinematography was excellent - capturing to essence of gritty, inner city life. Tom Hardy was especially good as the nice guy barman with a tainted past. It's obvious that this film was written by the author of Mystic River and Gone Baby Gone as it has the same kind of structure - different pieces slowly coming together to a surprise ending. Not that the ending wasn't effective, I just didn't like the route the film took in places to get there.

I found James Gandolfini's character hilarious at times, especially during the scene when he runs the guy over in his car, and the way he runs way afterwards had me splitting my sides. The Chechen gangsters' brief appearances were quite funny as well, I thought. The use of the dog as a plot device was interesting if a little strange, but it was really cute so what the hell. If anything, The Drop proves how versatile an actor Tom Hardy is. The English Joaquin Phoenix if you will.