Rate The Last Movie You Saw


All four get the same rating, huh?
5 actually. I really enjoyed all of them but none were full marks. Maybe Birdman.

High Functioning Sociopath

(Ironically this face is what I was making the entire time watching this movie)
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (2011)

This movie certainly is ON STRANGER TIDES, and not good ones. IDK what it was, when I first watched this movie I throughout thought it was an okay movie. It just doesn't do it for me I guess. I think the amount of change that comes over this movie from the third one is certainly a lot. I have hope that the 5th or hell even the 6th will be good but until then I am left with.....well this. I still like Depp as Sparrow and Rush as Barbossa but a lot of stuff felt so forced it wasn't even funny. And that Priest-Mermaid romance oh god give me a break. I guess Bloom and Knightley not being in this just threw me off. Penelope Cruz just doesn't do it for me (Although I do love the ending scene between her and Sparrow)

Divergent (2014)

Another in a series of multi-part "empowered teens against the big bad guys" movies. This one is fairly decent, with good acting, particularly by Shailene Woodley. This is all about a society that is split into groups, with one overlord faction deciding the fate of the others. But there are various ones called "Divergents" who have certain mind powers that the head honchos fear and they are being weeded out. Of course Woodley is Divergent and has to gather what friends she has and escape. The movie is a bit slow, but there is some action...this is a first part and it shows. Still, a good time-waster. I'm curious to see the second part but I can wait till it ends up on cable. Oh yes, most importantly, Woodley is very fetching.

"Miss Jean Louise, Mr. Arthur Radley."

Spongebob Movie : Sponge out of Water

Feels like a really uninspired episode of Spongebob that goes on for way too long. Can't even recommend this to fans of the show.


French language, French-Canadian (as Mommy) or French?
hehe, I did think it was French, has that French feel to it,no? ^^ Did you like it Mark?
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Bubblegum Crisis 2033 OVA 2-6

Collection of 5 direct to video animations, 2 under 40 minutes, 3 over 40 minutes hence classified as feature length movies. Anyway, this is pretty good overall, has some nice combat sequences featuring top of the line animation, Akira's level in fact. Reminds me of angel cop but in fact, its better though its too long to be a "movie" if taken in its entirely rub for 340 minutes in 8 direct to video movies/episodes. Though I included film trilogies in my top 50.

I will write a lengthy review of the whole OVA when I finish the last 2 direct to video movies/episodes (rather weird format isn't it?).


Care for some gopher?
The General (USA, 1926, Buster Keaton/Clyde Bruckman) -

Although this movie is considered one of the best movies of all time, i watched it without expecting too much. This movie was an extremely positive surprise! It is funny from start to finish and the cinematography is amazing (considering the year it was made - especially knowing they didn't use any models or tricks).

Pieta (2013) - Kim Ki Duk (South Korean Drama)
I definitely think I prefer quiet, thoughtful Kim over angry, violent Kim - this film definitely falls into the second category. Part of me had kind of hoped that he had got these issues out of his system but apparently not. That's not to say that it's a bad film - it's pretty messy but quite good. I'd just prefer more 3-Iron & Spring, Summer ... rather than more Bad Guy.

This is about a somewhat sociopathic guy in the employ of a loan shark who starts to be followed by a woman who, as it turns out, may or may not be his mother. It's filled with scenes that are hard to watch mixed with Kim's usual visual flair and whilst I can't say I "enjoyed" it as such it was a reasonably compelling film.


I still like Depp as Sparrow and Rush as Barbossa but a lot of stuff felt so forced it wasn't even funny. And that Priest-Mermaid romance oh god give me a break. I guess Bloom and Knightley not being in this just threw me off. Penelope Cruz just doesn't do it for me (Although I do love the ending scene between her and Sparrow)
I think I might be the only person who actually enjoyed this one. More than the last one of the trilogy.

The Kid With a Bike (2011) - Luc Dardenne/Jean-Pierre Dardenne (Belgian Drama)
A slight departure for the Dardenne's in that even though it was made with their usual realistic style there were elements of the plot that were completely unrealistic. I had read before watching it that it was intended to be part fairy tale but I think if I hadn't read that then those elements may have detracted from my overall enjoyment. Apart from that I thought it was a good film but perhaps the weakest I've seen from the Dardenne's. I found the kid from the title to be pretty annoying and perhaps there could have been a better casting choice.

The Dust of Time (2008) - Theodoros Angelopoulos (Greek Drama)
Angelopoulos' last film turned out to be my least favourite unfortunately. I think it suffered from some of the same problems as Iwai's Swallowtail which I talked about a few days ago - when English is not the first language of most of the actors and the writer it can become very distracting. The script felt unnatural and some of the cast seemed to struggle a bit - although obviously Willem Defoe was fine and Bruno Ganz has no problems acting in any language it seems.

There was still enough of Angelopoulos' style here to make it an enjoyable watch but I was mildly disappointed.

I have to return some videotapes.

Office Space - Kind of disappointed in this, felt like it was much better on the first few watches. Still a great movie, but less hits for me.

Alexandra's Project (2003) - Rolf De Heer (Australian Thriller)
Another good film from my favourite Australian director. A husband and father comes home on his birthday to find the house empty and a video tape waiting to be played ... Sounds like a fairly standard plot but whilst it uses some obvious thriller techniques it's more about the treatment of women in some marriages and in our society. Helen Buday puts in a great performance and Gary Sweet is perfectly cast as the husband as he, and perhaps Steve Bisley, are pretty much Australian tv's version of the standard Australian male. I perhaps would have liked it better if it didn't get slightly predictable towards the end but it was still a good movie.


I have to return some videotapes.

Drive - Had a big itch to give this a rewatch, and I was shocked at how much better I felt this was compared to my first watch. I missed a few things that I definitely should have gotten. Great movie.