These directors worked with which actor/actress?


Exactly the reverse of the other game thread I just created!

This time around, I'll give a list of 15 movie directors, and the next person has to guess which particular actor or actress worked with those directors!

Sidney Lumet
Francis Ford Coppola
Michael Mann
Brian De Palma
Hugh Hudson
William Friedkin
Taylor Hackford
Martin Brest
Jerry Schatzberg
Christopher Nolan
Harold Becker
Oliver Stone
Quentin Tarantino
Mike Newell
Martin Scorsese

Now guess which actor or actress worked with all those actors, and then give another list of directors. And so on and so on...

We have to name one actor who worked with all 15 directors? Narrowing that down is going to be a lot of work. You sure you don't want to make it 5 or 6 directors?

I would have thought that having 15 directors would make things even easier!

Here's a few hints:

1) This actor worked with two directors on this list for the first time just recently, in the same year.

2) The actor worked with one director on this list only once, but that director wrote the screenplay for a movie directed by another director on this list (who the actor worked with twice)!

3) This actor starred in a classic film trilogy directed by one director in this list.

I hope that helps...

That is correct! And you're up next. Give your list...

Tony Scott
Ron Howard
Gus Van Sant
Joel Schumacher
Werner Herzog
Stanley Kubrick
Baz Luhrmann
Frank Oz
Lars von Trier
Jonathan Glazer
Aaron Sorkin
Sydney Pollack
Nora Ephron
Sofia Coppola
Park Chan-wook

I'm guessing... Nicole Kidman

John Boorman
Luchino Visconti
Alan Parker
Lars von Trier
Denis Villeneuve
Richard C. Serafian
Liliana Cavani
Roy Ward Baker
Paul Verhoeven
Sidney Lumet
Dick Richards
Francis Lawrence
Silvio Narizzano
Woody Allen
Andrew Haigh

HINT: This actor ended up on the cutting room floor of the U.S. version of one of these directors' films...

You're batting a thousand! You're up...

Peter Greenaway
Patrice Chéreau
Justin Chadwick
Elliot Lester
Ciro Guerra
Craig Roberts
Graham Moore
Christian Camargo
Pierre Morel
Roland Emmerich
Adam McKay
Luca Guadagnino
Aaron Sorkin
Christopher Nolan
Steven Spielberg

Congratulations. I'm afraid I'm going to need a hint...

An Oscar winner who was primarily known as a stage actor until recently.

Too vague. I'll need another one...

All of his work with the more famous directors from the second half of the list is from the last decade, and he has worked with one of them three times.

Mark Rylance

Wes Anderson
Francis Lawrence
David Fincher
Lynne Ramsay
Joel & Ethan Coen
Derek Jarman
Terry Gilliam
Cameron Crowe
Luca Guadagnino
Sally Potter
Jim Jarmusch
Danny Boyle
Andrew Adamson
Scott Derrickson
Tony Gilroy

Stick with it, people!