The Bear


So I got Hulu to watch Shogun, btw that's a must-see, but there's only 2 episodes so far and I needed something else to watch.

I saw the first episode of The Bear awhile back and it was good but it was so chaotic.....kind of like an awesome ride but had to recover before trying again. The shows rave reviews made me come back, and I'm glad I did.

After watching this show, Boiling Point, Kitchen Nightmares, and Hells Kitchen I know I'll never want to work in a kitchen. It's like a trauma center without the lifesaving. Very much enjoy the show though.

This series uses its music, and the selection so perfectly. Not since The Sopranos have I seen it done so artfully.

There are alot of needless laws in the legal system that make no sense whatsoever. So what would it hurt if they outlawed cliffhanger season finals. Am gutted.

Finally getting around to this. Good and chaotic like you said, almost in an Uncut Gems kind of way. I'm a few episodes in, and I'm not sure if I'll want to stick through this kind of tension for multiple seasons haha

And apparently HULU greenlit seasons three and four, which will they will shoot as soon as three is complete. Very exciting.
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Incredible episodeÖit was like live theater.
Possibly Jamie Lee Curtis's best performance ever. Everyone was in the zone with their acting that episode. Even Bernthal who I feel is the same in everything, but I still like him.

As good as Fishes is, the next episode, Forks, is even better, believe it or not. It may be my favorite TV episode from last year. I'm excited for you all to see it.

Finished Season 1 last night. I'm usually a 1 or 2 season kind of guy, and this one was definitely good enough to watch the 2nd season.

Finally done with Season 2. Loved it, but I'm curious where they will take a 3rd season.

I think I liked "Forks" more than "Seven Fishes"...the latter was just too heavy on the Uncut Gems vibe again

Finally done with Season 2. Loved it, but I'm curious where they will take a 3rd season.

I think I liked "Forks" more than "Seven Fishes"...the latter was just too heavy on the Uncut Gems vibe again
Seven Fishes was endless. But we did get to see how dysfunctional Carmyís family is.

Forks is my fave episode so far. I so like Ritchie. How cute Olivia Colman was in her tiny cameo.

Re-watching season 2 before I jump into season 3.
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Excited to leap into the long awaited third season premiere. There must be a very special story connected to that scar on Carm's hand. It was hard to gauge exactly where Carm's head was when he was re-setting the tables...why wasn't he in the kitchen? Not happy that we had to wait two seasons for the backstory that seems to be opening this season. It is nice to see Joel McHale and Olivia Colman back though. Will Poulter too. Not really seeing the point of shifting between the past and present, if that is indeed what's happening here. Not understanding all the hostility from Joel McHale's character. That exchange between Carm and Sydney went right over my head. The film editing on this show continues to be amazing. Does five more seconds in the oven on any dish really make that much of a difference? Glad to see more of Jon Bernthal. Not sure why it was important to show us Michael's funeral after two seasons. Sydney's afro? Swing and a miss. All the shifting between the past and the present made for a very confusing premiere that provided very little forward motion in story.

Season 3, Ep 2. Not really sure what the point of Sydney's opening scene with her dad was. Do we really need the downtown Chicago travelogue at the opening of every episode? Loved the delicacy with which Carmy was handling those peas. "I'm gonna have a kid in two months. I wish I could push a button and put the baggage away." Why would carmy question Jimmy's presence at the restaurant. Isn't Carmy the head chef? Who is Sydney to question any changes he wants to make? She hasn't become any more likable than she was last season. Love that Carmy is trying to quit smoking. "I also appreciate your bravery from inside a locked vault." That explosion between Jeremy and Ebon was awesome! When is someone going to tell Sydney she's not the boss? Richie leaves to argue with Carmy. Changing the menu every day sounds like it could be problematic down the road, though I understand Carmy's reasoning behind it. Why is the whole staff so concerned about Carmy's love life? Loved Marcus' entrance stopping everything. I feel so bad for Marcus. Excellent episode, there was flashes of brilliance in the this is the show I came back for.

Season 3, Ep 3. That's so cool that the entire staff showed up for Marcus' mother's funeral, as uncomfortable as some them appeared about it. I loved that Macus said he enjoyed watching his mom make dinner because I enjoyed watching my mom make dinner too (my mom passed away a little over a year ago). Lionel Boyce crushed Marcus' eulogy. Love the new aprons with the restaurant name on them. Loved Richie's speech to the wait staff. The music was excellent. The editing is amazing, it makes the staff look busy without giving the viewer a headache. Interesting that Richie gets upset about the refire but Chef Tina doesnít. she even apologized to Carmen. The chemistry between Jeremy Allen Write and Ebon Moss-Bacherach is electric. If the Richie from season one had dropped that dish and it broke like that, he would have been cursing his ass off in front of the customers, despite the tension with Carmen, we've seen growth with Richie. "Don't talk to me until you're integrated, jack off." I know he owns the restaurant and all, but Jimmy clearly doesn't have a clue about the restaurant business. Loved the discussion of "turns." Tina knew the answer to that question before she asked it. I do not believe Richie pulled that 4 top out from under those people by offering a tour of the kitchen. Jimmy's not happy, but why am I not surprised? I'm so afraid that the constant conflict between Carmy and Richie is going to spell the end of the restaurant, but it is fueling this show right now. The final scene was a bit much, but another fire episode.

Season 3, Ep 4. On one hand, there's something about Claire I don't like, but on the other hand, Carmy really needs to get laid. The explanation about the scar was a bit of a disappointment, I was expecting a much more dramatic story. Really didn't get the point of Claire's story. He's makySydney a partner? Does Richie know about that? Why was Sydney looking for her dad's approval if she already signed the lease? Somehow I think Carmy is going to end up delivering Natalie's baby? That Frank/Richie conversation was weird because, like Richie said, asking Richie's permission to marry Tiffany was not necessary. I guess that meeting between Sydney and that guy at the subway is going to come into play later at some point. I liked that scene with Natalie and Richie. They're five thousand short on their payment to Jimmy? No good can come of that. OOOOh, the guy at the subway was a critic.