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The Fall Guy (2024)

This was braindead stuff, I didn't really go in with many expectations and it pretty much delivered them. The "knowing" Colt Seavers narration really doesn't work but queues up a few good laughs I guess. I thought it flat overall but then I'm a child of the 80s and the TV series did have a certain swagger. Wonder when Gosling will get back to acting. Keenly awaiting the "Highway to Heaven" reboot starring Jason Momoa.

This is total fluff
Agreed. I made it to the end, but I wish I hadn't. The acting and the story were idiotic and superfluous. It was nice to see what I presume were actual live stunts. But even those got banal. I think Gosling should take your advice...

"Honor is not in the Weapon. It is in the Man"

A passion project that pays homage to 1980s and 1990s martial arts tournament films. Great cast, led by German martial artist and actor Mathis Landwehr, who is forced to enter a Kumite in Eastern Europe, when the organizers kidnap his daughter. The film builds up as he befriends two other fighters, Damon Spears (No Retreat, No Surrender's Kurt McKinney) and Lea Martin (stunt performer Mounia Moula), whose wife and sister are kidnapped and also forced to fight.

The film also has martial arts film icons Billy Blanks and Cynthia Rothrock as Michael's trainers, the former looking for revenge against the organizer and the latter, the former sensei of the current Kumite champ, Dracko, played by German wrestling champion Mike Derudder. There's also Michel Qissi from Kickboxer 1 and 2 and the organizer's henchman Wolf and Matthias Hues as the organizer himself.

Connecting to Bloodsport is the appearance of Bolo Yeung's son David as a fighter named Yulong and YouTuber David Kurzhal, aka Viking Samurai, who plays a kick-ass fighter named Marcus. The Kumite fights are somewhat short compared to what we are used to today, but have that 80s flavor thanks to the choreography of Mike Moller (who also plays a trainee for Michael named Lightning).

If you like Bloodsport, Kickboxer, other tournament films, then you might enjoy this one. Speaking of the aforementioned films, Paul Hertzog scored the film and Stan Bush has 2 new songs on the soundtrack he wrote just for the film, "No Surrender" and "Running the Gauntlet".
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Oliver & Company
(George Scribner, 1988)

I haven't seen this movie in a very long time, but I vaguely remembered liking it and I vaguely remembered it being a musical. After rewatching it this evening, I think it's fine. It's innocuous. The animals are cute. But it's not particularly memorable in its story or its characters. I didn't really feel anything for any of them, but I also was never bored.

As to the musical aspect, I just finished watching it and I'd already forgotten some of the songs even happened. I only remembered three songs in the whole thing (and really it's two songs because one is sung twice). It's only when I Googled the songs in the movie that I realized there were more - but really only a handful in total. Why the hell did Disney hire Billy Joel and Bette Midler if they're barely gonna sing? Also I can't believe I'm complaining about the lack of singing in a musical.

Whatever. I didn't hate it but I'm probably not going to vote for it.

I forgot the opening line.

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Shooter - (2007)

If you're conspiratorially-minded, then Shooter gives you a modern-day Lee Harvey Oswald in Bob Lee Swagger (Mark Wahlberg), a man conned by some miscreants in the United States government into planning a presidential assassination - ostensibly to prevent one happening. Swagger is one of the best crack shots in the world, a USMC Force Recon Marine Corps sniper, and holds a grudge against shady spooks and corrupt senators - but patriotism still abounds and he unknowingly agrees to be a patsy. Before you know it there's been an assassination, with Swagger named as the prime suspect. After being shot twice by Officer Stanley Timmons (Alan C. Peterson) Swagger has to rely on his dead partner's widow Sarah Fenn (Kate Mara), and an FBI Agent who suspects something is wrong here, Special Agent Nick Memphis (Michael Peña) if he's to turn the tables and prove his innocence. Against him is an evil cabal that consists of Colonel Isaac Johnson (Danny Glover), sadist Jack Payne (Elias Koteas), ace sharpshooter Mikhayo Sczerbiak (Rade Šerbedžija) and crooked Senator Charles F. Meachum (Ned Beatty). There's much competent action here, and Wahlberg is very believable as a super-soldier Marine marksman, but two things marred this entertaining thriller : 1 - The movie wants to have it's cake and eat it too by basically showing us that the United States is a stinkhole with crooked politicians, wicked senators, evil spooks and a White House filled with goons, but then leaving us with a patriotic, God Bless America land of the free we kill and bomb all of our problems expertly flourish. 2 - None of these movies will ever break that taboo and show us an actual 'the president is dead' assassination, instead having the shooter kill an Archbishop speaking with him, for trivial reasons. If they'd killed the president, then Shooter would have serious gravity - attempted simply doesn't cut it. As it is, it's another thriller - superior to a lot of the schlock out there (and you have to love Glover) but not hitting that target dead center.


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S&man - (2006)

If you're into modern, extreme, torture porn found footage snuff film horror, and find the prospect of a documentary that mixes a fictional narrative into it's formula interesting, then there's an outside chance you might like S&man. I thought it was poorly executed, not well edited, and a little wanting. Full review here.

Remember - everything has an ending except hope, and sausages - they have two.

Latest Review : Aftersun (2022)

I will be in the practice of using this thread for everything i at least start, On the Silver Globe is so far at 59 minutes an interesting visually stimulating experience, but i was not prepared for how much it would be actors performing for the camera, the camera plays an active role in it, and all the funky get ups they're wearing!!! My choice of just seeing it and not reading the subtitles is for sure giving me a superficial view of it, but i just want to see it, however when i get back to it, i may need to know what they're saying. A rating will accompany my entries here only when i feel i've properly seen it. But as it is it's earned 3 gold coins out of 5. It could be Zulawski's masterpiece.

Shooter - (2007)

2 - None of these movies will ever break that taboo and show us an actual 'the president is dead' assassination, instead having the shooter kill an Archbishop speaking with him, for trivial reasons. If they'd killed the president, then Shooter would have serious gravity - attempted simply doesn't cut it. As it is, it's another thriller - superior to a lot of the schlock out there (and you have to love Glover) but not hitting that target dead center.

It followed the plot of the novel, Stephen Hunter's Point of Impact which I really liked. So much so that I read all of Hunter's books. Until I found out he was one of those wackjob right wingers in real life. Then I lost interest. It's a shame though. No one writes a propulsive thriller like Hunter.

Well I've seen 2 movies since last I've been on here. One new one. One classic.

Godzilla Minus One - 2023
Well this movie rips. I was amped to finally see it when it jumped on Netflix this weekend, surprisingly, because of the glowing word of mouth. I wanted to check it out in theaters after the glowing reactions but it didn't really play anywhere close for me. I was kinda over Godzilla movies after I saw the Cranston one what like a decade ago now? They are whatever, entertaining enough popcorn flicks but it's all the same formula. Well after watching America cinema fumble Godzilla since the 90s Japan wanted to show Hollywood how to make a proper Godzilla flick...after all it is their baby.

They use Godzilla perfectly. He isn't some anti-hero. He is there to wreck havoc for the sake of havoc. Every time he is on screen he is extremely effective. There is a chase scene in the water that is one of the best scenes I've seen in awhile. Jaws comparisons are inevitable. However of course Japan would nail the Godzilla scenes. What really separates this thing from anything America has sh*t out with Godzilla is the human element is actually riveting and I gotta imagine personal to Japan. Man it hits. I was welling up with tears at the end. You actually root for Godzilla to lose. Imagine that. This film kicks ass. Congrats Japan. And for 15 million dollar budget. Hilarious.

2nd one was...

Lawerence Of Arabia - 1962

Saw this one like a month ago not quite as fresh. It's a beast to get through. Nearly 4 hours. Had to separate it into 2 days...thankful for the intermission lol. Man is it ever beautifully shot film. It's quite the ride. After first watching it I knew I had experienced a classic but it really sits with you for awhile after. Peter O'Toole's performance was every bit as hail as it should be...it took me like 45 minutes into the flick to get it though. It comes off almost feminine and passive but I think playing him like that made him more memorable further you get into it. Shows he is kind of an odd ball and you sort of have to be an odd ball to want to even go into the desert like he does with delusions of grandeur. He is a complex layered character. Fantastic. So many memorable shots. Will a rush back to rewatch it? No. But I might down the road. I enjoyed it alot but it's a long one. The story can be can of convoluted for a simpleton like me and with no reference for middle east history during that time.

What is fascinating is I did a little research after. Apparently T.E. Lawrence wrote about his experiences in a book which the movie adapted. However I guess it was a big inspiration to Frank Herbert in writing Dune, you can see it. So this T.E. Lawrence dude didn't know it but when he wrote his book/memoirs that he would set into motion events that would heavily influence cinema for like 100 years. He inspires Lawerence of Arabia one of the greatest achievements in cinema. Which inspires Spielberg. His memoirs inspire Herbert to write Dune. Which George Lucas reads gets inspired (or lift) to do Star Wars. Then Dune gets an 84 movie then the present adaptation which are killer flicks. Bet when Lawerence died in 1935 he didn't realize what an important figure he would be in this new median film lol.

I came here to do two things, drink some beer and kick some ass, looks like we are almost outta beer - Dazed and Confused

101 Favorite Movies (2019)

Silent Hill (2006)

This game scared me too much to play as a kid, so I'm sure I'm missing some of the notable references in the movie. However, I enjoyed this at face value, though it certainly fell victim to the "dumb characters doing dumb things" trope that happens in horror movies. Acting was average, but the storytelling and scares were pretty effective.

3rd Rewatch...The Oscar-winning performance by Rami Malek anchors this flashy and imaginative look at the iconic rock group Queen and its charismatic front man Freddie Mercury. The screenplay is by the numbers, but the presentation of the story is what makes it work. Especially loved the scenes where we see Freddie constructing the recording of the title tune and how the group created "We Will Rock You."

Blue Remembered Hills (1979)

Engrossing Dennis Potter drama where adults play the part of children on a day in the Forest of Dean in England. Beside the playfulness there is an underlying malevolence that ultimately leads to disaster. Weird seeing Michael Elphick and Helen Mirren playing kids but it works in the context of the story where petty squabbles and become magnified and lead to tragedy. Part of the BBCs "Play for Today" series.

2nd Rewatch...Adam Sandler was robbed of an Oscar nomination for his explosive performance in this spine-tingling drama from the Safdie brothers. Sandler plays the owner of a jewelry store who has just acquired a rare opal from Ethiopia that he thinks could be his ticket out of his massive gambling debts, but as he starts borrowing from Peter to pay Paul. the character's life becomes a giant pressure cooker from which there seems to be no escape. Howard Ratner's journey through this film is something no one wants to go through and the Safdie brothers make this story leap off the screen thanks to riveting and dangerous characters, incredible editing (a staple of the Safdies), and an ingenious use of set pieces, particularly doors to the store that only open by buttons on the inside. An often frightening cinematic journey with the performance of Sandler's career at the center of it.

1st Rewatch...a richly entertaining show biz comedy featuring a winning cast that nobody saw. The film stars Billy Crystal (who also co- wrote the screenplay) as a slick talking movie studio PR exec who, in order to save his job, must find a way to get Hollywood's hottest acting duo and real life couple (John Cusack, Catherine Zeta Jones), to attend the press junket for their latest film, despite the fact that they divorced during production of their latest film. Crystal's screenplay is smart, though it does get a little slap sticky at times, but the winning cast makes it easy to overlook the short comings. Cusack and Zeta Jones create mad chemistry as the feuding couple and Hank Azaria is very funny as Zeta Jones' new boyfriend. Julia Roberts is miscast as Zeta Jones' plain Jane sister and assistant who has been harboring a crush on Cusack forever. We also get Stanley Tucci as the studio head, Christopher Walken as the film's slightly crazed director, Alan Arkin as Cusack's shrink, and Seth Green as Crystal's toadie. Will never understand why this film died at the box office, I think it's really funny.

Umpteenth Rewatch...What can I say? Arguably, John Hughes' masterpiece, the quintessential 80's teen comedy that hasn't aged a bit in 30 years.

Curly Top (1935) Rewatched this today. I think this is my favourite Shirley Temple film. She's wonderful and delightful here and the rest of the cast are good too. I enjoyed the songs, especially Animal Crackers in My Soup and When I Grow Up. This is a really cute and fun musical. I hope it makes the musical countdown.

1st Rewatch...This over the top, big budget action comedy features an overly complicated plot but big laughs are still provided thanks to the impossible to explain chemistry between Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg. They play cops who are restricted to the desk for very different reasons until the death of two cocky super cops plunges them in the middle of a case involving a shady billionaire (Steve Coogan), whose plan has something to do with controlling the lottery and the NYPD pension. Don't really get what this guy's plan was, though he starts off as mad genius and by the halfway point of the film, is turned into a blithering idiot who owes money to people all over the world. Did love the running joke about Ferrell having a smoking hot wife (Eva Mendes) and Wahlberg not being able to understand it. Michael Keaton steals every scene he's in as their boss, who works part time at Bed Bath and Beyond and is obsessed with the group TLC. Dwayne Jackson and Samuel L Jackson are also a lot of fun in their cameos as the super cops whose deaths kick off the story. Don't really understand everything that happens here, but there are definite laughs along the way.

Agreed. I made it to the end, but I wish I hadn't. The acting and the story were idiotic and superfluous. It was nice to see what I presume were actual live stunts. But even those got banal. I think Gosling should take your advice...
I liked it a little more than you did, but glad to see that I'm not the only one who was disappointed with this one.