Watch Party: Gangs of London


(Going to edit this post in sn hour or two, to pretty it up, because I'm such a girl. : laugh: But here's the body of it so far for episode 1)

Series 1, episode 1

This has my favourite opening to a series ever. Beautifully shot, imo. Aww the poor hapless Welsh boys. Kind of breaks my heart a little.

Sean Wallace is so intense, he hardly ever cracks a smile in the entire show so far, and I love him. He's easily in my top 5 favourite TV characters of all time list.

I love everything about this episode.
WARNING: spoilers below
The offing within minutes of what one would have assumed would be the driving character,
the characters, the music (both original score and chosen already existing music) right from Suzy Q, Cream and Thin Lizzy to the single guitar string motif that accents scenes across the entire series so far (reminiscent of a Western).

Speaking of Suzy Q, loved the scene where you meet Billy for the first time. It's a bit like a reunion as Brian Vernel played opposite Joe Cole in the latter's first full length film, Offender.

Eliot is a great fighter,
WARNING: spoilers below
but I'm pitched against him.
Newcomers to the show might not understood why, yet.

Aspiring Movie Critic
watched eps 1-3 on thursday and i have to say, the action is amazing (Gareth Evans does it like no other) and the performances are solid. I do think the story is a little convoluted for my taste? i'll see how it unfolds but even just for the first 2 there are a lot of elements to keep track of imo. Sean is kind of a prick, but i think it's intentional for his character to be brash and hotheaded since he's been put on the spot. one thing i think Evans doesnt get enough credit for, however, is how he creates atmosphere. The anticipation before fights/action sequences are gorgeous and captivate my attention almost instantly, regardless of whats been happening before
the Antiman

Just finished S2 so I can't say much of anything outside of this show is worth following. Thanks for the recommendation everyone.