do u think Speed (1994) still holds up really well ?


Bullock wasn't the driver, she was the passenger who had to take over for the driver (Hawthorne James, aka the caveman-forhead guy) after he got shot:

That's one mystery solved.


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I totally agree that Speed has held up really well. The music, characters and action set pieces and also the movies pacing are top notch with a scene stealing Dennis Hopper as the bad guy. Its a simple premise executed extremely well. I dig it out every few years for a nostalgia viewing and its a movie i never get bored of watching.
Did you know that in the 1980s movie PREDATOR the titular character was not originally portrayed by Kevin Peter Hall. It was in fact Jean-Claude Van Damme donning a much more insect inspired full body suit before he left the production which then led to the recasting and redesigning of the famous hunter.

The amazing thing about 90s action movies is the way it is filmed, with dedication, one scene brings me right into the immersion when the police arrives to pershing square and that marc mancina score in the background,it s just amazingly creative and immersion drawing to the max, films today don t have that kind of dedication

Oh ok. Are you saying the music wasn't as good in that part?
Im saying the music is brilliant in that part, absolutely brilliant

Still absolutely great!

The only aspect of the film I do not like is when it makes the inane jump over the missing part of the highway. The front of the bus jumping that high? Come on.

Everything else I'm on board for.

True Lies is the odd film in Cameron's filmography. It's also one I loved.
there s an incline, that s why the bus front end was so high

Of course it does.

what do you do? what do you do?,.,.... turn arounddd

I don't know. I watched it only once in the 90s. It was really captivating.
Back to the 80s!

i still think that Speed is still better than any action movie coming out these days, 20 years now, still holds up, i've seen it about 50 times maybe, and still u dont get bored of it, the musical score along with the direction, Dennis hopper at his best, one of the best villains in action movie history, have your say.

Definitely yes