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1940s semi horror, driving me crazy for years


I remember this much, man who i thought was boris karloff, but no sure now, gets convicted of murder. he is sent to prison but later found innocent. When released he goes after all the jurors and makes little dolls of them all before killing them. Googleing is impossible cus almost any description just returns 12 angry men. has to be from late 30s or 40s. many thanks if anyone can recall title of this little gem.

Could be: "The Devil Doll" (1936):
An escaped convict uses miniaturized humans to wreak vengeance on those who framed him.

If it is your movie, I will be happy "My" prison movie is more diffcult to find.
I'm looking for prison movie:

Just because memories can sometimes get blurred, I'll throw this out there--

in Tower of London (also a Karloff film), Basil Rathbone has dolls made of all of the people who are ahead of him in succession to the throne and disposes of the dolls every time the corresponding person dies. Both films are from '39.

thanks gang, none of those, best i can determin e is it may be the missing juror, a budd boetticher film, but some of how it is described doesnt seem right, and no mention of him making dolls and hanging them from little nooses

Are you sure? None of these movies?

What is genre of your movie?

just watched the missing juror, was a similar theme but not what i recall. i know the killer made these little dolls and hung them from rafters in a cabin or similar as he killed each person, he would hang another doll.

This is probably not your movie because it's more recent and you also don't know who the killer is, but The Psychopath from 1966 has a killer with dolls. Just throwing it out there just in case:

so after watching it in full, movie was deff the missing juror from 1944. Killer isnt making dolls, they are little paper cutouts of the jurors and he hangs them from little nooses. Fun little B flick, decent watch, its on the youtube