I have around 800 DVDs. And I still buy films if they're worth it, because having a dedicated physical support for each makes me feel absurdly safer about their preservation (and also is a requirement for me to feel I "own" it, and because a physical library is as cool to behold as it is cumbersome). But with that money and space dedicated to them, I can't really feel guilty for also pirating some. Especially ones that are difficult to find. And I really don't want to pay money for a "mere" file on a computer or, worse, the internet cloud.

That being said, I do buy many films or books from second hand shops, and this raise its own interesting ethical questions (as, in those cases, no data or money goes back to the authors, yet a legal economic market is sustained).
Pretty much on the money as far as Iím concerned. I used to pirate everything all the time. Iím very good at it, can find a torrent of absolutely anything etc. But with films itís just so much easier to stream and the quality is way better. So I happily switched about 7 years ago. Nowadays, if I do stream films, it must be something banned/very hardcore or an obscure French/Finnish release that no one will sell to me. With music, I still have an old-school mp3 library duplicated in 4+ locations that I fully own. Wouldnít trade it for the world.

I am also concerned about censorship. I like reading politically incorrect stuff (and watching it, and listening to it). When R. Kellyís stuff was removed from Apple Music or wherever it was (have never listened to him), it was a real wake-up call. I want to make my own politically incorrect consumer choices, thank you very much.

But then, ironically, 5+ years ago I was able to buy one of the most incendiary books ever written on Amazon, of all places, with no problem, when it was banned/ unavailable everywhere else. Go figure.