What are you doing at this very moment?


ᗢWanda Maximoff-Scarlet WitchᗢElizabeth Olesnᗢ
eating dinner and playing assassins creed vahalla on my ps5 and then after that i will be playing far cry 6 with my best friend on the xbox
https://youtu.be/f1DM1amU4VM Wanda Maximoff - Scarlet Witch
https://youtu.be/2vq4kYomwv8 Natasha Romanoff-Black Widow
https://youtu.be/0LXhnd-CMrQ Agatha Harkness
https://youtu.be/4E880wNeB2g Yelena Belova

https://youtu.be/V8BhIsWTGUI Clint Barton-Hawkeye
https://youtu.be/Zy66zOMkGsM Loki Lufeyson

Wrapping up a late lunch. For Christmas.
Huh? We havenít had Halloween yet.
Iím here only on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays. Thatís why Iím here now.

I'm watching the movie A Quiet Place. Have you seen it? What do you think?

The doctor prescribed steroids to improve my health. So right now I am using danabol 50mg as prescribed... Men's issues. So I don't think a lot of people here would be interested in that. I mean the female sex. I'll just say one thing. Keep an eye on your body. And when you feel like there's something wrong see a doctor. Otherwise it might be too late.

I mainline Windex and horse tranquilizer
Waiting for my damn Amazon Fresh order to show up. And waiting for a customer to pick up their laptop.
A hundred percent death proof.

Tomato Necromancy - now with Vitamin R!



What a season! Verstappen is inscredible.
"Some people just doesn't understand the dangers of indiscriminate surveillance."