The Adventure Starts Here!
Oh my gosh... I'm on episode 16 of that first season and I'm thoroughly enjoying this rewatch.

They need to collect some monster larvae crawling out of a wound on a corpse.
Walter: "Get a petri dish."
The body opens up to reveal hundreds or thousands of larvae.
"Better make it a bucket!"
Astrid says, "I think I'm gonna be sick."
"Make it two buckets!"

I had really forgotten just how fun the banter on this show is.

The Adventure Starts Here!
I'm wrapping up season 3. I've had episodes on in the background off and on all day every day as I work (since this is a rewatch). I'd forgotten all the crazy places this show went.

I'd like to make a list of all the names Walter calls Astrid. I'm watching with subtitles this time, so I caught one in this current episode (321): Ostrich.


Others? I cheated and checked online. Wikipedia has this to say:

She is stationed in the lab with Walter, who can never remember her name (e.g. calling her "Asterix" [sic], "Aspirin", "Asteroid", "Astro", "Ostrich", "Aphid", "Esther", "Ashram", "Alex", "Afro", "Astrif", "Agnes", "Asner", etc.).

In season 4 he calls her Claire, and she asks, "Really?"

And of course I love that they use a Selectric to communicate with the alternate universe.

A system of cells interlinked
Love the show. We finished it up a while back, and it was satisfying from start to finish. I know the final season is contentious, but we loved it!
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