The Mothman Prophecies

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Overall I thought this film was well-done, especially the directing. Pellington has some great style and his ideas were very appreciated by me.

One thing I can't get over was the ending, reallllllllly well done, except for one thing that bugged the hell out of me...warning, spoiler.

WARNING: "The Mothman Prophecies" spoilers below
When Laura Linney .... Sgt. Connie Parker drops into the river while inside her car some air is left trapped letting her breath. When Gere goes to save her, he opens up the back window on her jeep and then swims in, catches a breath of air and then pulls her out.

How in the hell did that pocket of air stay in the car when he opened up the back window....while the car was at the bottom of the river?



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All I have to say is," Great ad placement!" CHAPSTICK !!

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Answer to your question, Steve:
WARNING: "The Mothman Prophecies" spoilers below
Ahhh, the rules of physicas are odd and wondrous. It's perfectly plausible; the car was "tipped" (cars never float evenly unless water comes from beneath and then they WILL usually tip at some point) in which case, the front end (being shorter than the rear, since it's a Bronco type vehicle) was aimed up. And that's also how it fell in, didn't it, sorta backended into the water. The back window was not actually opened by Gear, I don't think; didn't he just work his way to it, then drag himself in? But even so, the air would have remained in the upper portion until it ran out (was breathed in) and/or the car continued to sink. If they'd stayed much longer, it would have.

My main problem was the ... nature of Gear's choice, which I can't give away. You can work it both ways, depending on what kind of a person you are and how you feel about such things but DAMN was I pissed when

WARNING: "Mothman" spoilers below
he didn't answer the F*CKING PHONE!! i'm sorry, but when you're handed that sort of PROOF (not a possibility, come on, the phones ringing UNPLUGGED!!) you don't just WALK away. if things are happening and there's 1) evidence of his friggin voice on tape and 2) evidence that Connie saw his friggin wife even if l'il Ms. Copper is in denial then you don't just say "it's too dubious, let it go." you answer the phone, dammit! that sooooo pissed me off. the nature of the film is trying to know the truth. Connie argues that you can't ever stop anything and "how would you rather remember her?" Basically, opting for blindness. Christmas trees and a warm fire while ugliness happens out there in the world. Yes, cherish the good times but don't opt for the good times just because it's EASIER! just because you're too chicken or selfish or greedy for the good things to FACE a reality/truth, an opportunity that is SO rare and SO personal to Gear's character! *howl of frustration* I tell ya. That right there was a choice i totally understood HER making but i'm mad Gear went along with it. I guess i just hate that in the world in general and the film totally re-enacted that sort of behavior and oooh ... then the end shows Gear was friggin right after all! sheesh.

Anyhow, the film was definitely well directed though my boyfriend argued for a really shoddy script - he got mad they kept repeating "realizations" but I argued that people who don't deal with his are obviously going to be shocked and need to "absorb it." i really like the suspsense/tension level; i loved Mz. Debra Messing and man oh man, i just enjoyed the story over all. and this stuff is out there happenin' for real! eeeenteresting, very eeeenteresting indeed. there are a couple of "scares" but they're not major; you should sorta expect them but the wimpy moviegoer may gasp/scream/grab a loved one.

I forget his name, but the blondish rough-bearded supporting actor, with the southern accent - he's always very good. he usually plays a dick and i always hate him, so i guess that goes to show how good he is at his job.

worth seeing, worth the ticket. a couple of places it felt long but mainly it all worked well to keep you in suspense - especially when things first start going weird. there was also a bit of confusion with the timeline/what exactly's going on prior to Gear's investigation; i don't think they too clearly delineated the initial events.
WARNING: "Mothman" spoilers below
I mean, yeah, I know she died, but i mean, they show her getting ready to go somewhere and taking her diary earlier that day ... and he's going to meet her, right? but she deliberately doesn't answer the phone ... where's she going? why are we seeing this - her alone, this pov, when this is all supposed to from HIS pov? then the next thing we know they're together going to look at a house, then the moth/closet thing, then the crash. and then he later explains how just two weeks before, they were house hunting, when she's in the hospital. and i guess there's just this weird conflict for me with how they showed her going off alone like that in the beginning ... almost like she had some secret life but they never showed us MORE of it ... and at the same time, if she did, they shouldn't have shown it to us at all, in moviemaking terms, that pov thing just wasn't fair/right.

Saw this last night...

WARNING: "The Mothman Prophecies" spoilers below
Of course he didn't answer the phone! Mr. Leet (GREAT NAME) made it VERY clear: if you find out, you die. It's just that simple. They won't let you live if you really know. That's what the phone thing was about...pick it up to KNOW, and die eventually...or walk away while you still can. He chose the latter.

I have a few gripes...Indrid Cold is a weird name. I think it's weird for the Mothman to have a name at all...or talk like that. What the hell does it want? What is it? An answer or two would've been nice. It was a good, creepy movie, though.

there are a couple of "scares" but they're not major; you should sorta expect them but the wimpy moviegoer may gasp/scream/grab a loved one.
Shaddup...I was freaked out more than once.

I forget his name, but the blondish rough-bearded supporting actor, with the southern accent - he's always very good. he usually plays a dick and i always hate him, so i guess that goes to show how good he is at his job.
Will Patton. And yeah, he's good.

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nuhuh!!! i argue that ...

WARNING: "Mothman" spoilers below
Mr. Leet did not make it clear that you die. He made it clear that it will consume your life - trying to learn the truth ... and the "mystery" of what Indrid Cold is is not left up in the air and is in fact partially explained, by Mr. Leet nonetheless ...

Here's the deal. Mothman is not alone; there are others. Whatever they are, they know of the world beyond death and of time; they know the future, they know our thoughts, they know the "dark side." Mr. Leet said - if they find out that you know they WANT to communicate through you because it is RARE (he said this) for anyone to notice at ALL. the fact that you notice makes you SPECIAL - it will drive you mad/distract you (as it did his wife) or they will REACH you and bring you to the other side. maybe you'll be happy there's something more beyond death, and that's the gist, which, ironically, the movie Dragonfly is also touching on.

Because, the nature of pov - we SEE his wife and Gear DOESN'T. Sure, the mothman can pretend voices (over the phone) but he has never pretended appearance. that was his wife that passed him on the street and walked into the precinct to talk to the blonde chick.

What I got was a sense of creatures whose motives we don't know - they could be good or bad - but, regardless, they want to COMMUNICATE - and they keep trying, but obviously, what they know can pull someone out of our world and into theirs - in a way, a theft. But, if what they say can HELP mankind, can reach him on a level that most men are not capable of because of whatever (weakness, deliberate blindness, etc) can take you to a realm and level above and beyond the corporeal or whatever, is it worth it?

In Gear's case, I would say it was. You have to learn to play the rules - Leet learned that he couldn't, and that to live free of it he'd prefer to pretend to ignorance. So would the blonde cop.

As for the temporal lobe thing - one wonders if someone could withstand knowledge without that death. Gear and Will Patton weren't the only ones who saw it. Everyone in that town saw it - do they all die of the same mysterious brain tumor? i don't think so. they choose to blank it out, yes, and live. but there's a question of whether, if you DON'T choose to blank it out - will you definitely die, or are they looking for the person who can withstand the communication, the knowledge, the person these beings want to communicate through?

sure, it's true, maybe Gear wasn't that person and would just pop a vessel. or ... maybe not. i guess ... in a way, I'd rather know. i'd rather know what i must face than hide away from it. if his wife is walking around and existing in some form - and was "taken" by this thing, I'm sorry, I don't care how loving the blonde cop is, I've got the proof, I'm not going to betray my wife and that love to cling to ignorance so we can all be happy and live the happy life. i'm going to face it.

and that's that.

Actually, 'tis spelt "Gere." On with it!

WARNING: "The Mothman Prophecies" spoilers below
Okay, it wasn't definitive, but the "learn about it and you die" thing is DEFINITELY what was implied to me. I think it consuming your life is just what happens with Patton. This stuff was bugging him constantly before he actually bit the dust.

I would not do it. There are many things in this world I will NEVER understand...and, if I knew that I'd live an empy, consumed life, or die (I still think that death was implied, in a way), simply to know what some big bugman wants with me...I don't think I'd do it. I'll find out the truth one day anyway.

Was gonna say more...I forget what else was on my mind, though. Ah well.

WARNING: "The Mothman Prophecies" spoilers below
I did not get the interpretation from Lear that once you know you will be dead, but rather, it NEVER gets to that point. You will never truly know, and your whole life will be consumed trying to find out. Lear explicitly said that the Mothmen will never let you truly "know".

The only thing I didn't like either was the mothams motives with Geres character. What was his point imitating her going into the police station (if that was even the case)? I mean, just to mess with him? It didn't make sense really. Communication seemed to be the key. As Indrid said, "Do not be scared". He doesnt want to hurt anyone, hes just relaying messages. But then I am brought back to geres character. Why is his game so much more elaborate? Whats he trying to say about his wife for cripes sake? lol And when he is talking of these coming accidents you never really get the idea if he is warning you to help stop it, or warning you of what he is going to do. Or both?

Over all I enjoyed this movie, I also liked how they kept the mothman where he belongs. In the shadows. I bought the book and just started it and hopefully I can learn a bit more from it.
"Man, I don't know what the f*** you just said little kid...but you special man. You reached out and touched a brothers heart"

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Gere, Gear, schmere... sorry, my mistake.

WARNING: "Mothman" spoilers below
You're right, your life is consumed and I DO see that as a waste - if there's no goal. Leet/Lear, whatever his name is, DID say that "they'll never let you know" but I don't think that's true. But Patton looked at peace, as if he'd reached some knowledge, pleased with himself as if he'd had a revelation and it was worth it. And because we are unsure of motives on the Mothman's part, we don't know if it was him pretending to be Patton an hour before on the phone so Gere would run to find him or whether it really WAS Patton reaching through "death" to tell him he'd found whatever it was he was after and that it was worth it.

As for the wife - she is different and exists after death. Which made me wonder if that tumor, as rare as it is, is NOT death ... physically it takes you in some sense but ... She's still wandering around! or is she a ghost? As for "appearing" to be the wife and really being the Mothman, it was never shown that he could pretend a body, only a voice ...

But this also confuses me because, if you think of it, it could just be about realities. It seems Mothman and his ilk have access to all these sort of realms. There are others like him - as Leet described. These beings have powers that Leet can't even fully describe, and isn't even aware of the limits. Gere had no knowledge of being in that town TWICE before at the same time with the same car breakdown knocking on Patton's door. Yet Patton WAS aware. And later, Patton had no knowledge of having called Gere and introduced Mothman.

To hold Gere in town - Who did that? Who controlled it so that he came to this town and couldn't leave it until he began to explore the mystery of the events in the town? The Mothman apparently has the ability to control time, space, boundaries ... and perhaps to let humans reach some other form of existence other than a generic "death."

As for the wife - she wants to know why Gere is there! She asked the cop QUESTIONS that the Mothman would already know the answers to! She is different from her original self and truly seemed to exist on her own - has Mothman given her some new existence, has she come to this scene because of her own desire to make Gere happy and her sense of failure at it? Does she exist after death to make sure that Gere comes to this town, and does she work with/use Mothman's abilities to make sure that Gere saves the one chick that CAN make him happy?

Because, after all, the cop had a dream that she definitely WAS going to survive. But if Gere hadn't been there, if he'd decided to pick up the phone, who would have saved her? Was it a struggle between his wife and Mothman for his life/soul? Did Mothman want Gere to become like Patton, and his wife want him to live on normally?

and if his wife DOES have something to do with it like I said ... I'd need some resolution about her fate and what she wants for me before I can go on and live my very Brady life.

someone could come along and tell me not to do all this analysis but it really fascinates me, especially because it's based on true events. makes me wonder ...

I dont know whether this movie is more intriguing because of all of this, or more worse. All of this left unanswered/explained.

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Logan, I totally feel ya. I think ... because it had me so determined to try and figure it out ... that it makes it better, rather than worse. though it is very frustrating so much is unknown. it's almost like ... here's this story based on fact and ... we don't know the answers so let's make YOU as confused as those who dug up the facts in the first place!

Yeah some movies leave things unsaid to let the audience make up its own mind, but in this case there is just too much. Way too much. You had broughten up how he got there and lost 2 days. We never know if its cause of the mothman wanting him to be there (If so why), or what not.

I would highly ignore the "Based on True Events" situation. I bought the book the other day to see what it has in it and the bridge collapse happens before the book starts. It is talked about on the 2nd page of the book in past tense. That alone shows you how loosely its based on the book where the ending is the beginning of the book, and even then its spoken as already happened.

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aww, what a waste. i was going to get the book and was hoping I'd get all kinds of understanding and meaning.

Great Movie.
Death to Smoochy is my most anticipated movie of 2002.

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i like richard gere in this, an intriguing thriller, i found the premise really disturbing, have your say.

YES. Damn sure is.

Well, it is a little muddled and isn't entirely consistent, but the atmosphere is great and it is very interesting. I like it, F what anybody else says.

i like richard gere in this, an intriguing thriller, i found the premise really disturbing, have your say.
Watch Primal Fear ! Richard Gere best film and it's a thriller too
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I really like richard gere in this film, his acting abilities really come into play in this one, the movie premise is very intriguing i ve always liked supernatural thriller, and this was pretty decent for my liking.
The music in this film is also intriguing, i find it a very solid supernatural film. Getting calls but only hearing static is really scary.

Watch Primal Fear ! Richard Gere best film and it's a thriller too
Yeah saw primal fear many times and its great aswell.