MoFo Top 100 Horror Movies: The List

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Already this list feels controversial to me. Really surprised that Near Dark didn't make it: that movie is amazingly badass. Also, I'm a little disappointed about Raw. I love that movie to bits, and that scene in the kitchen stills sends shivers down my spine just thinking about it.
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I can't wait to see the rest of the list !!!!
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I'll check out The House that Jack Built when I get a chance. I was going to try and find it before the deadline of the 2018 Film Awards, but kind of forgot about it. I think I saw parts of I Walked With a Zombie when it was on tv once, but definitely not the entire thing.

Out of the films that didn't quite make it, I considered Train to Busan, which I watched for the Countdown and rather enjoyed, even though I've been worn out on zombie films for a good few years now. I quite liked The Return of the Living Dead last time I saw it too, but it wasn't in the running for my list and I didn't feel like rewatching any more zombie films.

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I just got back from seeing The House That Jack Built, which is definitely an early contender for the most surprising entry on the list. As with every LVT piece, I went in halfway-expecting to hate it but honestly did find it a lot more tolerable than expected. Haven't seen I Walked With A Zombie.

As for the also-rans...

The Fog was my #23. As I said elsewhere, it was hard trying to figure out exactly which of the dozens of
-level horrors I had on my shortlist would actually make the tail end of my ballot but I figured screw it Carpenter's my boy and gave it the edge. Maybe I could've swapped it out, but I don't feel any significant regret about it.

Near Dark is also a
for me but I ultimately didn't vote for it.

I liked Train to Busan, Raw, Hellbound: Hellraiser II, and Kill List, but not enough to even consider voting for them.

Theatre of Blood is so-so.

My hot take is that Return of the Living Dead actually kinda sucks and, for all its little details that do work (banging main theme, somewhat impressive effects work), I've watched it twice and both times found it a largely tedious affair. Even the moments where it actually manages to nail a sense of creeping dread are undermined by the fact that it can't seem to make up its mind as to how much of a comedy it wants to be (and I don't find it that funny anyway).

Haven't seen The Burning or Creep.

P.S. Is it too late to volunteer for presenting anything where I end up being the "high voter" (assuming that's how it works)?
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Here'a screencap of the #101-110 That Missed, with the high-voter linked next to the films.

I've seen The Return of the Living Dead as a kid. May rewatch it one day for Linnea Quigley but I doubt I'd like the film these days. Hellbound is pretty decent and last time I watched the first two I even liked it more than the first. Theater of Blood looks familiar so I've probably seen it at some point but no specific memories about it.

Kill List I watched quite recently and it has its ups and downs. Vague to a point where it feels that even the filmmaker doesn't know the whats and whys. The Burning was a nom in B-movie HoF and it's pretty average teen slasher. Near Dark has got worse on every rewatch now but it's still OK. I really hate the ending though. The Fog is above average for sure but probably wouldn't fit even top-50 for me.

I'm planning to watch Train to Busan at some point. Not too interested in New French Extremity so no immediate plans for Raw. Don't know too much about Creep but I'm under impression it's found footage of some sort which doesn't promise too much.

When it comes to Trier and horror I very much hope for Antichrist to pop up...
Now that Antichrist got mentioned I'm certain I was planning to add it on my preliminary list when I started to build my own top-50 (which I used as a basis for this one). It's not there though so it's yet another film I forgot to rewatch for this. I remember liking it quite a bit so it could have had a chance to break into my top-25. Back when I watched it I rated it 4/5.

Yahoo! (I think) one of mine made the countdown...I Walked With A Zombie (1943)...Much better than Abbot and Costello Meet the Zombie...But I lost my list so I'm not sure. @Nostromo87 how about sending me my list back, please.

You sent yours months and months ago too, understandable. Will get that to you Monday mid-morning when I get back to my home computer from night work shift.

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Very thoughtful presentation. I don't have anything to be terribly happy or cry about yet. Always reassuring to see the typical reactions though.
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I see my #25 didn't make the 1-pointers list, serves me right for trying to game the list I don't think it will show up on the list proper. I think the only 1 pointer I have seen is Pitch Black, which I liked, but didn't have in contention for my list.

I almost voted for I Walked With a Zombie but at some point it got cut from my list although it probably shouldn't have done. Glad to see it here

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So glad to see Stir of Echoes. Can't believe I'm happy about something Suspect did, but hey, how about that.
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Suspect's Reviews

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Man, if Dead-Heat made the Top 100 List of Horror films but things like Jaws couldn't be included....I don't know what I'd do with myself.

Pitch Black Loved this film as a kid and Riddick is a genuine bad-ass. The best of the trilogy and it works well with an unknown Vin Diesel in the lead. Didn't consider it though.

Stir of Echoes. It's one of the few films that when I think about it, I cringe and shiver. That is mainly attributed to one scene, when the girls fingernails break. Argh, horrible image to have in my head. It kind of came and went. People thought it was just trying to ride The Sixth Sense wave, but the film deserves more than that recognition. One of the better Bacon performances and genuinely creepy with a good sense of mystery added. Glad others at least liked it enough to consider it.

Killer Klowns I own this and my wife is afraid of clowns. She will close her eyes and look away at the sight of one. So my son LOVES to grab this dvd and bring it to her and yell SCARY. It's hilarious. Never considered it or this though.

When A Stranger Calls When I saw that it was the remake, I chuckled to myself. Generic PG-13 horror stuff. Very surprised to see it even be a 1-pointer.

The House of the Devil There are a few things that go right for this film, the big one is mainly the aesthetic. I love the scene when the guy asks if the woman is the baby-sitter.

Have wanted to check out The Void and only ever seen Bride and Seed of Chucky in full.

Never seen I Walked With A Zombie or The House That Jack Built. The latter's running time is a turn off.

For those that just missed it.

I keep hearing all this praise for Kill List, guess I better finally watch it.

Creep was great as was the sequel. Just never thought of it for this and wouldn't have put it on my list either way.

Near Dark not making it is a bit of a surprise, even if I left it off my list. I figured it would have been one of the more iconic vampire films. Terrible ending, but everything else and more importantly Bill Freakin' Paxton is great.

Loved Train to Busan, but didn't want to include it on an All-Time Top 25 list, would make a new Top 50 for me.

Watched The Burning for the B-Movie HoF. It's okay for a slasher flick.

The Fog. I mentioned how this one wouldn't make it and looks like I was right. Good movie nonetheless.

The House that Jack Built was a wild ride. I cannot say I loved the film as a whole, but the scenes I did enjoy I really really loved. The last scene is quite the ride and trippy as hell, I would recommend it on that alone. Dillon did an amazing job and was perfect for the part, glad to see something newer on the list.

Near Dark was on my list at 17, sad that it didn't make it.

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Never seen I Walked With A Zombie or The House That Jack Built. The latter's running time is a turn off.
DUDE! It's one of those runtimes you don't feel, though.

I could have watched 4 hours of that.

It was my #6.

28 days...6 hours...42 minutes...12 seconds
It's a shame Us wasn't out early to be included in the list. I'd be surprised if it's not received well.
Would people still consider it though? How early we talking here? I think Get Out or Hereditary might be the newest ones on here.

Would people still consider it though? How early we talking here? I think Get Out or Hereditary might be the newest ones on here.
The House That Jack Built is probably the newest on the list.

Just to put it to bed, Near Dark couldn't be on the list because it's not listed as horror on IMDB. Believe me, it would've made the list otherwise.
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Just to put it to bed, Near Dark couldn't be on the list because it's not listed as horror on IMDB. Believe me, it would've made the list otherwise.
It is, actually. You have to scroll pretty far down, but if you look in the section below the cast listing, there's an area that lists genres. It's tagged as Action, Crime, Drama, Horror, Romance, and Thriller. The top of the IMDb page only lists the first 3 genres.