Comedy movie of th 2000's where a gandma smokes pot



I cant remember the title of this movie. It was a comedy about a teenage girl and her family. I cannot remember much details but in this movie the girl'grandma was always on her side (and smoking pot all along the movie) while she have a more conflicted relation with her mother. I remember also the beguining af the film which open on a radio broadcast of rock music and that the speacker take the mic imitating a wolf scream...

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her grandmother ( her mother's mother) it s older than that , and the topic is much more humorous, it's a sarcastic movie... for example the radio animator is always caricatural having off behaviour etc...

At this moment I am not sur having mix "georgia rule" with another old movie with a Radio show...but there s not pot story in "georgiae rules" ?

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Big mommas house - 2000?

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Could be Half Baked. Chappelle is talking about different kids of smokers - the grandmother is at 3:14

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