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Watched this movie twice & can say that I really liked it.

Did anyone else post anything about this movie? If so, post a link here so I can read it. Surely on a movie forum Im not the only person whos seen this movie.

Im here only on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays. Thats why Im here now.

This was mine from sittng through this on Mon 16 Jan...


There is one reason to sit through this movie - Cate Blanchett. Once again turns in a terrific performance that is, in parts, reminiscent of Carol, and although the story utilizes the world of orcehestra it is obvious the wider application of the likes of a #metoo story with the fictional character of Lydia Tar as she uses her position of power and privelege, in a toxic, domineering and manipulative way, with all too many familiar parellels with other real life instances. So the story is kind of there and been done a few times over now, but the exploration of Lydia's character by Blanchett that makes it worth the while.

I think its coming to Amazon Prime next month (June). So I plan on watching it soon
Fairly sure I just watched it on prime.