Vote on the next countdown (Oct. 2023)


What should our next countdown be (Oct 23)?
17 votes
Films not on previous lists
13 votes
Underseen films
17 votes
26 votes
16 votes
Some decade refresh
6 votes
Other (specify below)
56 votes. You may not vote on this poll

My argument for musicals is that it's the proper choice for the good of the forum. I'm trying to take my personal opinion out of it as I'm not a fan of musicals. If I were on the outside looking in and had nothing to do with it, I'd say obviously that forum needs a musicals list.

What's the difference between Underseen Films and Films Not On Previous Lists?
The former is based on an undefined term ("unseen") which may have many different possible definitions. The latter is a simple factual question: was it on a previous list, yes or no?

If it's on a list, how are we to presume it's been underseen?
I don't understand this question. It seems to presume they're the same idea, but they're distinct. Just kind of similar.

To my mind/memory, "underseen" was first pitched as a way to stop the same films from showing up on every list, and to cut down on predictability, and then the criteria of "not on previous lists" was suggested as a way of achieving that without having to do something tricky like define "underseen."

My argument for musicals is that it's the proper choice for the good of the forum.
But why? Because it's a film genre and we haven't done it yet?

Here's a list of genres and we haven't done half of them yet:

And from that list if I and many were to rank them musicals would probably be near the bottom.

Preventing musicals from being the next countdown may very well be the single most important act a Mofo can do for the good of the forum.
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I see musicals as just a rib and a plot to push people's well defined boundaries. I just sung that while typing it.

The trick is not minding
As I was considering my vote earlier, I noticed a gang of young toughs following me, snapping their fingers and occasionally humming to themselves some song I didn’t catch. As I paused to question them they simply stated “Thursday send her regards.” Then danced away.
I’m voting musicals.

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It is a time-period turn now. 90's / 80's / 70's - whatever.
When the poll will be started?
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It is a time-period turn now. 90's / 80's / 70's - whatever.
When the poll will be started?
It was time-period turn last time, and we still did noir/neo-noir so I suppose it is overdue now.
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I can get the poll up if we get something a little closer to a consensus. This is all pretty freeform right now. It would help if everybody could list their top 3-4 poll options (things you think should be voted on, not just things you like best, if there's a distinction) and once we have a good 9-10 of those I can do my best to figure out what to put on it.

Hope everyone's okay with me just making that judgment call, though, if only because the alternative is a vote about what to vote on and I think that's probably going a bit too far.

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Top 100 Erotic Thrillers?
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