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Another one i like a lot.

I have to admit that danny devito does alot of movies with her I just noticed that

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Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Slapstick comedies that are overall fun to watch:

Dumb & Dumber
Black Sheep
Tommy Boy

Scary Movie Series
Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Austin Powers Series

Top 5

5.Austin Powers in Goldmember


3.Almost Heroes

2.Monty Python and the Holy Grail

1.Blazing Saddles
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1. Dr. Strangelove
2. Super Troopers
3. Old School
4. Monty Python: Holy Grail
5. Spaceballs

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BASEketball, The Waterboy and Zoolander,

I would say funniest movie is much different than best comedy/comedy-like movie. The movies that made me laugh the most and the hardest are Monty Python and the Holy Grail and Airplane. My favorite movie that is funny would be Dr. Strangelove.
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some of the funny films that i have seen are the naked gun n theres something about mary.. there are loads more but id bore you all to death

im gonna have to disagree with waterboy tho i watched that the other day and i thought that it was really boring, i thought tht it was going to be better bu hay.. thats life!

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Cheach and chongs next movie

The big lebowski(alos the best film ever)

super troopers


happy gillmore

many others i cant remember.

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I would have to say that Meet The Parents is the funniest movie that I have seen lately. Of course, there are many other movies that are funny.

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Love this one, I wish working in psychiatry was as funny as this.
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Old and new I like that old movie "Its a Mad mad world! Very funny movie with a great cast!
New I like "Meet the Parents" and "The Pirates of the Cabican" has its funny parts!and also that movie "
Dang I can't think of another one I had one and then I forgot oh wait "MIss Contity"Saudra Bullock!See you around!JM
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There are so many funny movies out there...Which is your favourite?


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"The Pirates of the Cabican"
I'm sorry for this, I don't wanna sound like a jerk (but it's gonna sound that way anyway) but "Cabican"? Really, don't think I'm a total pompus-anus, but. . .nevermind. I'm not gonna go any farther, cuz I'd end up making you madder than you probably will be anyway after reading this.

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Oh man, I amost think this is funnier than Monty Python and the Holy Grail, but it's tied. I really can't decide which is funnier.

"What in the wide wide world of sports is goin on here?"

"Gov. LePetamaine: We have to something immediately!"
All spectators in room: "HARUMPH, HARUMPH HARUMPH!"
LeP: "I didn't get a HARUMPH outta that guy!"
Hedley: "Give the Gov. HARUMPH!"
man: "HARUMPH!"
LeP: "You watch your butt!"

Hedley Lammar: "Gentleman. . .watch your sphincters!"
LePetamaine: "Well put,"
HL: "Thank you"

I found the Holy Grail offensive and theres a fine line between funny and downright stupid funny. I pick BLAZING SADDLES hands down. Or tied with this one will be Johnny Stechino..very funny Italian movie.