Sorry for the long hiatus everyone...


but I'm finally back! Due to personal reasons and a broken computer I had no access to the site. But I'm glad to be home. Now I need to find my threads and continue to update them.

Missed you all!
Last Films Seen (out of 4)
The Thin Red Line (3rd) 4/4---Notes On A Scandal=3/4
GRAVITY- 4/4--- Star Trek Into Darkness- 3.5/4

Welcome back!
Here, if you have a milkshake, and I have a milkshake, and I have a straw. There it is, that's a straw, you see? You watching?. And my straw reaches acroooooooss the room, and starts to drink your milkshake... I... drink... your... milkshake!
-Daniel, There Will Be Blood

you mean---in this age of internet on mobile phones you still rely on computer ?!

welcome to the club if you do---i have myself cut off internet service on my mobile phone because it leads to addiction to forums like this at workplace

Finished here. It's been fun.
One of the greatest sequences in the history of cinema.

Mulholland Drive is one of the few films I give a full
. I get chills each time I watch this scene.

A system of cells interlinked
Welcome back!
"There’s absolutely no doubt you can be slightly better tomorrow than you are today." - JBP

Ugh. Well, sorry again. Just got out of the hospital. But I'm back again and now have plenty of time to make posts. Sorry for the tease guys and ladies.

much love.

I have not met you before as you were before my time but welcome back from me also
No matter if you are old or new, I'm still grateful for the warm welcoming. Thank you!