Survivor 4: LATVERIA


Latveria is located between the nations of Hungary, Serbia, and Romania. Surrounded by the Carpathians to the north and the Malhela range to the south, Latveria has remained protected from the strife of neighbouring countries.

Its current reigning monarch, Victor von Doom, has kept the nation protected from international affairs and economic downturns. Doom's personal patents in the field of high technology and specially robotics are the main export of the country.

Though he has been dethroned a number of times, von Doom has inevitably managed to return to the throne of his country and restore the nation to economic prosperity within a matter of months. The population consists of mixed European stock and gypsies, in whose welfare von Doom takes a particular interest. Latveria boasts freedom from the racism that the Roma (gypsies) are greeted with in other countries.

Due to technological advancements far beyond anything in any other nation Latveria has managed to remain unfoulled by industrial pollutants. Because of Doom's many weapons and his mere presence in Latveria the country is considered a world superpower.


I am Doctor TONGO, ruler of Latveria, and eventual conqueror of the known universe. I have sent out invitations to possible contestants, call it a duel to see who is the ultimate survivor in the most pitiless environment possible, Castle Latveria.

There will be two teams, 8 apiece. Most challenges will be guessing what movie I am talking about. I will vaguely describe a scenario and the players must ask questions that I will ONLY answer with a Yes or a No. Whoever guesses the movie wins for their team, but if that player guesses incorrectly they are out of the challenge. I will be online every Midnight Mon-Fri to update questions, reveal winners, or announce who is eliminated from the challenge. The losing team goes to council and votes out a member. When the two tribes merge then the challenges are individual immunity only

There are 2 hidden immunity idols, one per team. Each team will be given a scenario by me, and the members have to guess the movie.

The trick is with the hidden immunity idols I will not answer any clues with a Yes or No (unless youre a DETECTIVE, see below). You have to simply guess the movie, but can do so multiple times unlike the team vs team challenges. Whoever tries the hardest usually will eventually guess the flick, thereby "finding" the idol.

Each player will be assigned 2 powers of their choosing. One power is publicly known by all, and the other is completely private. There are six powers to choose from, you can choose a power twice, but each power can only be used once...

1. Know It All
The know it all power allows you to see who voted what after a tribal council. This can be played for their own team or to see the other teams vote, or just who voted what after the merge.

2. Teleport Other
You are able to switch yourself or another member of your team with a player from other team at any time before the merge.

3. Detective
Can ask 5 clue questions to find Hidden Immunity Idol.

4. Hypnotize
At tribal council you are able to switch someone elses vote to who you want.

5. Knockout
You are able to immobilize an opponent during a challenge to where they cannot participate.

6. Hard To Kill
After being voted out of the game you go into the Deadpool where you will wait until the Final 3 to have a chance to re-enter the game. Once the game is at the final 3 all those in the Deadpool (whoever took HARD TO KILL power) will compete against each other in an individual contest and the winner re-eneters the game. This is the only power which can only be picked once.

I am beseeched by many opponents like that damned Reed Richards, and that leech creature Count Dracula, a pretender hero to the gypsies, a people I safeguard, who wish to meddle in my affairs. There are others that may interject and cause unforseen circumstances. Nothing is set in stone. Once you think you have the game won, the game may switch up. These are the forces Doctor TONGO normally deals with, so I understand your intimidation. You have been warned.

A big change in the game is everyone that participates will be on the jury. Everyone! Yes thats a big jury but you will be involved till the end.

There are no ties. If theres a tie then the 2 must duel. No revotes.

All I need to know is who is in, your character from a movie, tv show, or comic book you want to play, and send me a PM telling me your 2 powers. Ill make the teams based on how well the fictional characters chosen could possibly get along. Once I have at least 16 players I will announce the start date.

1. Rhys DeLarge (Hypnotize)

2. Mr. Nope (Hard To Kill)

3. The Rauldinator (Know It All)

4. Sexy Krueger (Hard To Kill)

5. Camoleon (Know It All)

6. The Usual Psycho (Hard To Kill)

7. Swan Bickle (Know It All)

8. Wolfsbaneman (Know It All)

1. CiCi Bluth - Mrs Bluth youre doing serious damage to my stock of vintage brandy. Best I put you with these fine folks, you wouldnt have lasted a night on the other side. (Know It All)

2. Commissioner Optimus (Hard To Kill)

3. Judge Gatsby (Hypnotize)

4. 7th Burton (Hypnotise)

5. Dan Brent (Know It All)

6. The Big Slobowski (Teleport Other)

7. Beatrix Girl (Hard To Kill)

8. Wolversean (Knockout)

HalfAngel wants to play, and shes playing Dafoes Jesus in The Last Temptation Of Christ, so I present.....

9. HalfAngel Christ (Knockout)

Welcome Rauld!

To CiCi and Nope I have some invitations I sent out and have to give them a chance to respond. Im sure not all will accept and Ill have slots open..

1. rauldc14

Waiting List Priority
1. Nope1172
2. CiCi

Someones not able to play so Ill place Nope in there. If someone else cant too then Ci Ci is next in.

2. Nope1172

Thats too bad Teet would loved to have had ya'

Ok 3 confirmed in so far

1. rauldc14
2. Nope1172
3. CiCi

I got Nopes powers already, I need your character concept Nope (like mine is Doctor Doom), and need concepts and powers from Rauld & CiCi.

Im hoping this will be fun for everyone till baseball season starts.

I got Nopes concept, Mister Blond from Reservoir Dogs. So in the spirit of combining it with the Username I present...

Mr. Nope

Public Power - Hard To Kill

CiCi likes Lucille Bluth from Arrested Development, so I present.....

CiCi Bluth

Public Power - Know It All

rauldc14 like The Terminator, so I present...

The Rauldinator

Public Power - Know It All

I think i have a slot open. PM me your public power, secret power and character concept.

Optimus likes Jim Gordon from the Gotham tv series. Even though the character isnt yet promoted to his historical position yet in the force, I thought this had a nicer ring to it than Optimus Jim or Optimus Gordon

Commissioner Optimus

Public Power - Hard To Kill

We can change it to whatever you like Optimus.

A QUARTER OF THE WAY THERE! 4 out of 16 slots filled...

1. rauldc14
2. Nope 1172
3. CiCi
4. Optimus

I'm in - will send you my info later tonight / tomorrow but wanted to secure a spot
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I'll play, but I might have to drop out if the game takes more time than expected.

Awesome guys! Dont stress the time commitment needed as Im playing the game looser than how it was in the past. You notice theres no point or card system, and such. This less intense involvement might open the game up to more overall involvement, I hope. Please PM me your characters, publicly known & secret superpower when you get a chance.

You mean this is gonna be easier and not as involved as the previous Survivor games?
Oh, much MUCH more casual. Im gonna do a question where everyone can submit 5 questions, and every day Ill check in once to give the answers. These clues to the movies identity will publicly accumulate, and we continue the process till the films title is guessed. It will make it move at a slower steady pace but its not gonna be a "you gotta be here at this time" type deal. If someone can check in once a day (or two days), and were skipping weekends, then theyll be fine. The rest is gonna be character banter and playful stuff Ill throw in.

28 days...6 hours...42 minutes...12 seconds
To play....or not to play......that is the question.....

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