Song Simply the Best in 90s movie


Which popular 90s movie was thing song used in Simple the best ? By Bonnie Tyler or Tina Turner

What 90s movie ?

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Just a thought,....I wonder if you might be thinking of the Tina Turner song "We Don't Need Another Hero" used for the 1985 action movie 'Mad Max - Beyond Thunderdome"?

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In the United States
The song was covered by the "Soul Queen of New Orleans" Irma Thomas in 1990 and released on her album "Live! Simply The Best" (1991).

The song was used during the ceremony that the San Francisco 49ers held as they retired number 16 in honor of quarterback Joe Montana.

The song was used during the ceremonies that the Pittsburgh Penguins held as they retired, un-retired, and re-retired number 66 for Mario Lemieux, as his surname means "the best" in French.

The Tina Turner version is played after Buffalo Bisons victories at Coca-Cola Field.

The song was used during the ceremony that the Philadelphia 76ers held as they retired number 3 in honor of Allen Iverson.

The song was used by Professional Wrestler Larry Zbyszko during his time as The World Champion for the American Wrestling Association.

It was also played on August 13, 2016 in Yankee Stadium when the New York Yankees held a ceremony to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of the 1996 World Champion team.

The song was played over the PA system at Madison Square Garden when Mark Messier was presented with the Stanley Cup after the New York Rangers' victory over the Vancouver Canucks in Game 7 of the 1994 Stanley Cup Finals. The Rangers listened to it before the game.[52] It was continued to be played as the Rangers skated around the ice at the Garden with the Stanley Cup.[53] On the CBC, Bob Cole and Harry Neale said that "the crowd responded"[53] when the song was played over the PA system when the players skated around the ice, as they had throughout the game.

Turner's version was used in a 1998 episode of The Drew Carey Show titled "Drew Between the Rock and A Hard Place".

Bonnie Tyler's version of the song was used in a tribute video for WWE wrestler Edge that aired on the July 20, 2007 edition of WWE Friday Night SmackDown.

Turner's version was used by NESN (New England Sports Network) on September 1, 2007, as a tribute when Boston Red Sox Rookie pitcher Clay Buchholz threw a No-Hitter at Fenway Park against the Baltimore Orioles in his second Major League start. This consisted of a 2-hour replay of the game, showing all 27 outs recorded for the night, as well as the 4 minute musical montage, entitled "Rookie Magic".

Additionally, Senator Joe Biden used Turner's recording as the theme song for his 2008 campaign for the presidency, and it was an unofficial anthem for the pharmaceutical company SmithKline Beecham.

Jim Carrey performed a few lines of the song in his tribute speech to Meryl Streep during her AFI Life Achievement Award ceremony in 2004.

Rush Limbaugh frequently plays Turner's version in his bumper music rotation during his radio program.

Alec Baldwin's character in 30 Rock sings a verse of the chorus while looking at a picture of his boss during an episode in season one.[54]

Turner's version was used in a promo for the pay TV network HBO, featuring the slogan “Simply the Best”.

In Europe
Austrian darts player Mensur Suljovic uses this as his walk-on music.

The theme song of Besti Flokkurinn, an Icelandic political party standing in the 2010 Reykjavik local council elections, was "Simply The Best". Prior to the 2010 election the party published a localized version of the song with new lyrics.

The Netherlands:
It is the theme song of PSV Eindhoven when the players enter the Philips Stadion.

United Kingdom:
"The Best" is played at Ibrox Stadium, Scotland when the players of Rangers Football Club and the visiting team run on to the park.[55][56] On April 19, 2010 Rangers FC fans began a campaign to get "The Best" to number one in the UK Pop Charts.[55] It subsequently charted at number nine on the UK Singles Chart.[57]

Throughout the 1990s, Chris Eubank used "The Best" as both his nickname and entrance music before all of his world championship boxing matches. Arriving to the ring in a variety of forms, Eubank would always synchronise his entrance to the rising crescendo of the first verse and chorus, standing on the ring apron while tapping his gloves together nonchalantly. As Turner's second chorus boomed out he would leap over the top rope into the ring, shadow boxing and soaking in the cheers and boos from the crowd. As the pantomime villain of British boxing, Eubank used "The Best" to propel himself into the heart of British culture.[58][59]

"Simply The Best" has become the slogan of loyalist paramilitary groups in Northern Ireland.[60]

In the original version of The Office, David Brent plays the Tina Turner version of the song at the end of a motivational speech, shouting, "I've been David Brent! You've been the best!"

Research by Co-op Funeralcare regularly places "Simply The Best" in the Top Ten most popular songs requested to be played at funerals.[61][62]

In Episode 2 of the second series of Psychoville, Maureen Sowerbutts dons a Hallowe'en mask and lip syncs to "Simply The Best".[63]

Cadbury's used this song in their Keep Team Britain Pumped adverts with Olympic swimmer Rebecca Adlington.

In the 1980s in the North East of England, the song was used in a long running radio advert for a local motor garage, South Cleveland Garages, with the lyrics of the chorus changed to include the name of the company, forever linking the song and the company in local memory.[64]

"The Best" was used as the theme song for the Brazilian Formula One racer Ayrton Senna. Senna surprised Turner by showing up on stage during her concert in Adelaide, Australia in late 1993, after Senna won the Australian Grand Prix earlier in the day in what would tragically prove to be the final win of his career. Turner had already sung "The Best" earlier in the concert but decided to play it again as a tribute to Senna immediately after he left the stage.

In episode 4.6 "Open Mic" of the Canadian television series Schitt's Creek, the character of Patrick, portrayed by Noah Reid, performs an acoustic version as a love song to his boyfriend, David, portrayed by Daniel Levy. In episode 4.9 "The Olive Branch", David lip syncs and dances in front of Patrick to the Tina Turner version as an 'olive branch' when they're both trying to get back together.

Japanese pro-wrestler Osamu Nishimura currently uses the song as an entrance theme.