The Newsroom


I watched this when broadcast and I loved it. A little too much of a liberal's wet dream at times, but it's Sorkin and that's what he does. Still a tremendous drama though, with heart and a conscience.

I wouldn't mind seeing this again sometime. Glad you're enjoying it, Gideon.
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Just started the third and final This show is amazing. Is there any actor who was working in 2012 who did NOT appear on this show?

The Newsroom is an example of a good drama show by Aaron Sorkin, starring Jeff Daniels, Emily Mortimer, John Gallagher Jr and Sam Waterston. This show is dedicated mostly to the problems of journalism and journalists, who are ready to work extra hours to find the story or uncover the truth.

Story of the show is pretty straightforward and the ending can be easily guessed by an experienced viewer, but the main worthiness of a series lies not in the story as a whole but in small pieces, everyday incidents it is made from.

Aaron Sorkin shows us the inner kitchen of a news agency and sells us the ideals of journalism as opposed to tabloids and yellow press. Checking the sources, presenting different opinions and looking for valuable information all combined define good journalist. The story shows us how some journalists can go wrong in their career but others fix own mistakes. It shows us how the majority can be wrong or how sometimes evidence can not prove anything but misinformation. The story tells us how big news can coexist with small individual successes as it clearly shows how our lives can be full of small headlines.

I won't say this show will be interesting to all the people, nor can I say it's made only for journalists. Clearly if you want to enjoy the true deepness of the story you need to look between the lines of real events to see the common meanings like you would do in "War and Peace" written by Leo Tolstoy.

In the cast I can note Jeff Daniels, who has won two Emmy Awards and received several Golden Globe, Screen Actors Guild, and Tony Award nominations, Sam Waterston, who is noted for his portrayal of Sydney Schanberg in The Killing Fields, and Grace Gummer playing supporting role, who would later cast in Mr. Robot as Dominique DiPierro.

The Newsroom is often listed as a show similar to Suits and they really have a lot in common. They both tell us stories that can happen in real life with real people. There are no main or secondary characters: fate of the company and its employees is in the center of attention. Almost all episodes of this type of shows end with a positive attitude, they’re not trying to threaten us with a drama in the next episode. We can safely watch this show before going to sleep: it has a neutral start, some drama in the middle and a happy ending, when we usually see a bunch of these hard workers drinking whiskey in the office or nearby bar.

After all, the Newsroom is just another HBO show out there. It doesn't bring much to the table as Suits have already done the same thing and they did it better. The most iconic scenes of the show (such as start of the first episode) are related to the US politics which here in Europe we don't know much of. For us it isn't that entertaining to see the political stories from the past years as we can't connect those to our everyday lives. And that's probably the main reason the show isn't that popular in my country.