MoFo Fantasy Baseball 2022 - The Season


Wow, looks like his luck is turning around.

No bad feelings, Boegarts and Springer.
For real, basically everyone involved in our deal has been fantastic since. Go figure.

I wonder how many people on my team would have been cut by somebody else already. I feel like I hold onto players too long. Well except that Ward guy.

In this young season I've already left two homers on the bench from guys who didn't start but pinch hit them.
I really don't like having bench players for that reason, worse when I just choose the wrong guy to play. Of course not having an offensive bench may contribute why I haven't won a championship since 2011 🤔

I really love the Yahoo app. Especially on days like this. It actually does a great job with its alert system but on days like this it lights my phone up like a Christmas tree. I'm gonna go cut half my team now so I can get some scrubs an at or two lol...
We are both the source of the problem and the solution, yet we do not see ourselves in this light...

Yahoo's better than ESPN in about 80-90% of cases, to my mind. There are a few nice little things about ESPN but it doesn't have too many advantages, and it's much worse for the most important stuff, IE: the basic day to day lineup setting and player information stuff.

I'm so lazy I've not even tried the ESPN app yet. The Yahoo one is really functional after you get used to it. I've even drafted with it several times.

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I was beat to George Kirby by about 5 minutes by Sedai.
Starts to make up for the 1,876 times I have been beaten to the punch in this league.
"There’s absolutely no doubt you can be slightly better tomorrow than you are today." - JBP

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He was available when I checked but I passed. Just don't have the room.
I might have left him there if I didn't just have another SP go down, this time for COVID.

I suppose that's better than believing conspiracy theories. Those are more like spoiler alerts at this point.
How does one become a ghost I wonder? And is there a movie that breaks down all the rules for ghosts? Vampire movies always do that. They always tell ya the rules of the particular Vamps in whatever film you're watching. They don't really do that in ghost flicks. I think the only thing we know for sure is that if someone dies indoors they may become a ghost, but they will never be able to go outside ever again. I think that's right.

I'm not sure what's more interesting about Yelich hitting for his third career cycle today. Joining that incredibly short list? Or the fact that it's been against the Reds all 3 times. I think it's that one. That's crazy right? One of the rarest feats in baseball and you've done it 3 times against the same team? Crazy.

Megill so bad I went from first to fourth in ERA just like that.
Yeah man, it's hard out there for a pimp. In my estimation theres 5 maybe 6 really good teams in this league and right now you're in the hot seat. You're gonna have to really stay on top of it to stay in the top three.

Scherzer being pushed back to this weekend so he can face the Mariners is a great idea. Whoever is managing the Mets is a genius. I hope he gets 15 k's in 5 innings.