Perfect Casting


Just a note for @mojofilter re: Johnny- I've no preference on the choices you and CR presented but - it was not Sreve Martin I was thinking of.
It was -

Tommy Smothers! I saw the resemblance for years, but don't think anyone else ever commented on it. Tommy - the brother that mom didn't like best- * bore an uncanny resemblance imho to John. But even though they both were comics, they had such different personas, the visual similarity was easily missed.

At any rate, Tom is too old to play Johnny , as a young man at any rate.

* But don't worry Tom- I always liked you best

( PS - would love to see a biopic on Marvin Gaye)

And now- on with the game! Very intriguing thread you have here , I don't often post, but always follow it.

This might just do nobody any good.
Berenice Bejo as Caron.

Though Id stipulate that Michel Hazanavicius does not direct.

Next: Lee Miller

As Lee Miller... Kaley Cuoco

Next: David Bowie
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This might just do nobody any good.
Oof. Miller deserves much better.

As for Bowie? Accept no substitutes.

As Diana Ross, I see a strong resemblance with Tarajli P. Henson. I wonder if she can sing. If so, she would be the perfect casting choice!

Next: Michael Stipe


Carolyn Jones
As Carolyn Jones: Elle Fanning (with hair dyed of course).

My problem with this game, is I'm not familiar with most of the current actors / actresses!

Now, if you're going to have a movie about Stan Lee, you'll have to have an actor to play Jack "the King" Kirby (as Jack was as big, if not bigger, a part of creating the Marvel Universe since he came up with all the visuals during his prolific career as an artist)!

I never really noticed the are different pictures of the two side by side:

Mary Martin

Julie Andrews

I don't's kind of ironic that Mary Martin created the role of Maria in The Sound of Music, but guess who got to play Maria in the movie?