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Tac: GTA:SA does look rough around the edges, but it's a great game, and HUGE. I mean, just massive. I enjoyed playing it.

Speaking of huge games, my girl is -playing through this:

Final Fantasy XII

I had already finished this game, managing to complete maybe 80% of the side quests, as well. I logged about 140 hours in on my run (!!!)

I am actually having even more fun playing it the second time. I mean, Lisa is playing the game, and she loves it, so I play here and there and sit back and enjoy the story, while thinking up kooky gambit strategy etc. I must say, the game is playing much differently this time around, as she is developing her characters in a different way, and has to approach the game with different strategies. She is also doing alot of the side quests/general exploring in a much different order. The flexibility of the game, for an RPG, is pretty deep. Although somewhat linear as far as story progression is concerned, everything else is pretty non-linear. She is doing side quests at different times, and in a different order, and the world is pretty much open.

I am marveling at the high production quality of this game. The story is presented in a more mature way than any other FF title. FFVII still has the craziest, most involved story in the series to date, but that story was also extremely obtuse in comparison. This writing is more elegant and more mature in many ways. A fine send-off to the series for the PS2...
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I like GTA: SA a lot but haven't given it a go in ages. Bought GTA 4 this afternoon and have only dabbled in it so far (still waiting to see if I can shoot Ricky Gervais) but it looks pretty good.

I know a lot of people who hate FF XII but I'm a bit more forgiving, I just don't love it as much as I do FF X (or VIII, or VII ... or VI). I just didn't find the storyline very involving but admit that it's probably the best looking game on the PS2, it's just a pity that it doesn't support progressive scan. FF XIII was one of the reasons I decided on a PS3, to be honest, so I hope it lives up to the hype that's bound to surround it.
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Doing a bit of looking just now, GTA got a perfect 10 on both CNET and Gamespot. I guess they liked it.

I was thinking about Final Fantasy X yesterday, and I liked that game, but I thought the main character was just damn annoying. He did become more endearing as the game progressed, but it did bother me to some extent. I did like 'lil Yuni, though....

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I was thinking about Final Fantasy X yesterday, and I liked that game, but I thought the main character was just damn annoying.
Who? Meg Ryan?

Yup, he was an annoying little **** but that's shared with the lead character in almost every JRPG (I found Vaan in FFXII just rather dull, though) I've played. You probably feel the same as I do but when you're not a teenager you don't really get a kick out of playing as a marginalized 17 year old.

Have you tried the Xenosaga games? They've got pretty mature themes (not dark, like the Atlus RPGs though) and if you can get past the mountains of exposition they might be right up your street.

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I played Xenosaga Episode One, and I really liked it. I do agree about the ridiculous levels of watching/exposition in that game, but the combat system with the slot-machine modifier was FUN. Good strategy there. I played the second, but I felt like the combat was dumbed down, so I lost interest fairly quickly.

RE: FFXII - You know, When I played through the first time, I sort of felt like the characters were a bit detached, and I didn't feel much of a connection with any of them. This time, I am really caught up in the story and the plot events are having more of an impact on me. Not sure why, but I am finding the story a lot more engaging this time around.

Oh, I want to see Fran naked, too.

Best virtual ass ever.

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Best virtual ass ever.

Heck, I want Fran to have her own game. And that voice...

Apropos to nothing, I used to go out with a girl called Fran. She turned out to be a complete nutjob stalker type and didn't have bunny ears. I'll not say any more due to the minute chance she's a reader of MoFo.

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I need to play and beat FFXII this summer. Along with the rest of my RPGs.
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Duke Nukem 64 ~ Nintendo 64

That. Almost finished the story mode.

Wish that 3D Realms would just hurry up and finish Duke Nukem Forever...
I really just want you all angry and confused the whole time.
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My missus started FF XII but jacked it in for FF VII.

XII had a weak battle system, it was more practical to have all the character be the same instead of follow different paths which i initially tried. And once you'd set up a working gambit system didn't need any input during battles, save running a bit to keep MP up. The game wasn't very expansive, especially not to live up to the scale of the story, which was itself poorly developed- over soon as it got started. The only time i felt i was playing Final Fantasy was in the last battle. The world was given no scope. The main character wasn't a Leader in any way. Would have been better with Balthier, Basche, Fran and Ashe and only them. The subquests were too hidden to get full appreciation of them. The summons were AWFUL i never ever used them, complete waste.

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I've now got myself 74 stars in Super Mario 64! I havn't tried the third Bowser battle, but i will soon!
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FFVII was revolutionary, and I can still replay it and have ***** loads of fun.
How was it? Yeah, i forgot to mention i enjoyed playing through it just wasn't drawn or attached to it as much as others.

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FFVII might well have been revolutionary but FFVIII was better.

Anyway - Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection Online

Mucho chop-socky goodness here...

EDIT: A tip for PS3 peeps - get your hands on some trigger extensions if you can. My local HMV is full of them at £2.99 a pair.

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My Special Lady Friend (TM) and I are hopelessly addicted to Heroes of Might and Magic IV. We slog along for hours conquering and strategizing. It's one of those turn-based strategy games that has us saying "OK, time for bed....right after one more turn," until about 3 AM...