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I'm a but confused but at the same time agree with what you're saying. Do you mean like the character from Man Bites Dog?
I wouldn't call them fools, I don't even know the word, care free?

Edit: Goofball, that's the word I was looking for
Yes, Benoit fits too, except he was more on purpose. Goofball is appropriate. The only way I can clarify is by adding that French crime films (besides Melville) just seem much less about "crime is cool!" like how I see crime films from here and more about "these people are farcical" but still shot in a "cool" way.

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Does anyone own the three colors boxset

I'm strongly considering this, you think it's worth it?
Yeah, there's no body mutilation in it

Of course it is. I already owned a Korean bootleg version of it (still top quality), and rebought it as the Criterion version. The cover art for the three cases is kinda lame but the bonus features are awesome, and there are a lot.

It's quite a snazzy looking boxset, but I'd watch the films first. I've never seen them, but I never drop the $30-40 for a Criterion unless it's a film I've already watched and loved- and I certainly wouldn't buy a boxset of movies I might end up disliking.
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Wintertriangles: Cool, I'll probably order it this week. It comes with like four short films which is cool, and I haven't read any of the plot but based on the fact that it symbolizes the French flag is already something intriguing to me. I would wait for another 50% off sale, but I'm not the most patient person unfortunately for my wallet

Hitchfan: most of my DVDs are blind buys, and while I see what you're saying about only buying DVDs you know you'll like (especially with criterions prices) in a way it takes out the fun for me of exploration

FYI always wait until July and November to buy criterions because Barnes and Noble has 50% off sales
Well November is coming up so I an wait for that, I picked up my very first ones in June and July (B&N) had buy two get one free and 50% off, actaully I think the 50% off was in August and buy two get one free was July... Not positive. Anyways November is coming so I'll wait for a sale to be announced, and then I'll pick up this boxset

I'll be looking at that Barnes and Noble sale, 50% off the Three Colours Trilogy blu-ray would do me very nicely. It's $79 right now and that would make it cheaper than Amazon I believe with the 50% off.

Also if it's in the sale, might go for the new Qatsi trilogy release on blu-ray!
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Blue and White are really, really beautiful movies and I highly recommend both of them to anyone. Red is surprisingly dull and overrated, IMO. Kieslowski's a genius, no doubt about that.

Considering getting it, I'll post what I get tonight.
I'm actually to the store, if they have the Eisentien set I'll get that over Three Colors. My max is 80 bucks shooting for 60

Ended up spending 62 dollars, and while I really wanted My Dinner with andre, Three Color trilogy, and Battle of the Algires I'm pleased with what I ended up picking up

Bicycle Thieves, awesome movie and interesting supplements, I watched it a few months back and I haven't rewatched yet but it's somehow gotten better since I watched it in my mind

David leans four earliest films, and even though I might be stupid for buying this without seeing a lean film, I'm looking forward to it

I don't think you'll regret the David Lean box. Blithe Spirit is amazing and Noel Coward is just a good writer in general. The second disc on Bicycle Thieves has an interesting documentary and set of interviews.

I'm thinking of going for the Qatsi trilogy, The Great Dictator, High & Low, Paths of Glory, Wings of Desire and Rosemary's Baby. All on blu-ray. If still in the sale when I come to order them.

I'm holding out for the Pasolini trilogy coming out in a couple weeks. Besides that I've not decided what to get...they need to reissue the out of print BuŮuels though

^ If that's the trilogy of life, it's half price now even in pre-order stages, so you should be able to pre-order it at $39.99 since it's down to that now at the site. Unless you mean you are going into the actual shop to get it.

How long does this sale normally last?

I'd order it in pre-order stages if you really want it.

Just ordered my second Criterion of this sale, decided to go with this film first:

I'm ordering everything separately so to lower the risk of customs charges since every order goes over the stupid maximum import duty, or whatever it is.

Decided to order this for my next Criterion, and got it cheaper than the Studio Canal Blu-ray edition that's out here in Britain. So happy with that.