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The MoFo DVD Collection Photo Thread


***Please post pictures of your collections here.***
DVD Collection


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The majority of my collection + boxsets + criterion.

My Criterion Collection collection.

The rest that have invaded the living room.

Nice thread! My DVD collection is split between home and University atm so can't get a good current photo...

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Well now I'm just plain embarrassed to post mine.
Horror's Not Dead
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Nice collection Briscoe… looks like you have a fairly good CD and book collection too…
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thanks everyone...Im not the most avid reader, but the true crime genre has always kept me turning pages...

The sad thing is they are all in alphabetical order! I should really put up another shelf ot two but i've only just decorated and can't really be arsed at the moment!! I'll get round to it one day!!

Geeza, what kind of TV is that?? I have never seen it before...
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Geeza, what kind of TV is that?? I have never seen it before...
Its a Sony 44" rear projection, Can't remember the model number off the top of my head, I've had it about 4-5 years.

The picture is great, it has quite a wide veiwing angle aswell, so you dont have to sit directly on front of it, I haven't had any problems with it in the 4-5 years i've had it and it cost me about £2300 ($4452).

I've have a Panasonic 46" rear projection...its about 13 years old, so the picture is alright at best...but it was a free hand me down from my dad when he upgraded his to a 60" LCD, so Im not complaining!

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My collection is impressive - but doesn't look it. Not an exciting photo. I have almost 1,000 movies right now. But, I keep them in 4 big black binders that each hold 250 dvds. I keep track of them using which is fast and really easy.

Here's how I do it:
I add my movies - it numbers them.
I write the number on my disc with a sharpie to make putting away easy.
It all synchs up AND makes it all very impressive don't you think?

Another key element to the impressive nature of it all is my index. I print an alphabetical list and a list in the order I got them (old to new). So, when we want a movie, we grab the lists. The movie ID numbers are beside the titles and easy to find in the binders. How long does it take you to find your movie?

When you have your collection online at, you can invite anyone with an email to see your collection. If they also have collections, you can compare to see what they have that you don't. So, when I'm looking for a few new movies, I compare all my friends movies, make requests, and grow my collection a little more.

So, if you want to see a picture of my MoFo binders - I'll do it! But, isn't that all impressive? Come on!

Will your system be alright, when you dream of home tonight?
Sounds very...techincal

Could you catalog HD-DVDs and Blu-Rays on it too?

Well, when you search for a movie title - you get that movie, not the widescreen version, fullscreen version, special edition, director's cut, etc. You know what I mean? Sometimes I have seen two - didn't look into it, though. It might have been a high def version. I can see them being seperate. Not sure on that.

However, I do know that you can submit movies yourself. I've had to do that... it's easy and they do everything else for you. So, maybe if you submitted the Blu-Ray version UPC or put "Blu-Ray" in the synopsis, that should do it.

Sounds very...techincal
It is far from technical. I can see how it sounds that way, though. My friends are a bit confused until they see it. But, I've converted everyone I know to storing their movies in binders by number. It really is the easiest most logical way.

I used to put my movies into an excel file when I got them. But, once I got in the 400s, it was becoming too hard to find my movie. Since the movies were already numbered, I wrote the numbers on the discs and everything fell into place.

If I want to watch "Running Scared" I can look for the title in my alphabetical list or search my collection on and then I know that movie is number 725 and I grab my binder and get number 725.

Does that sound less technical? I think of it as logical and simplified.

But... maybe I should upload some pictures.