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Mad Max: Fury Road Oscar nominations, which should it win?


What oscars should Mad Max: Fury Road win? (Warning: Public Poll)
5 votes
Best Picture
8 votes
5 votes
Costume Design
6 votes
Make-up and Hair Styling
7 votes
Sound Editing
7 votes
Film Editing
6 votes
Production Design
16 votes
Visual Effects
4 votes
Best Cinematography
17 votes. You may not vote on this poll

Of all the nominations it has gotten, the amazing Mad Max: Fury Road should at least win 2, minimum. Of all the ones it was nominated for, and even in those it wasn't, which Oscars do you think Mad Max should get?

There's no guarantee that it will win any of them, but I'm hoping for visual effects and director. I'd love to see it take best picture, but that won't happen.

Personally, I wasn't that big on Mad Max, but I would be okay with it getting visual effects and editing. It's cinematography was also very good, but Carol, The Revenant, and Hateful Eight deserve the award more.
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...Well, one can still hope. Can someone tell me why not best picture?
It's all subjective, man. I thought the film was solid but was not blown away by it. Plus it's nominated along with The Revenant, which is on a different level completely. Spotlight would be deserving as well.

As for why The Martian is nominated, well that just completely baffles me.

I'm just happy The Danish Girl didn't get Best Director or Best Picture.

...Well, one can still hope. Can someone tell me why not best picture?
Partially the direct competition in the category, mostly because it is simply not the kind of movie the Academy will probably ever name Best Picture.

But root, root, root for it all you want!

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Definitely visual effects. Usually I hate that action movies pay more attention to spectacle than story, but here I was fine with it because, to me at least, they seemed to make more of an art form out of the action. Also, some of those evening shots...dude... Maybe it should win cinematography, too.

Yeah, ALLLLLLLLLLL nominations.

No really, I'm just happy it got so many nominations, would be fine with the more technical nominations at least especially visual effects.

By the by, you missed including one of the film's nominations in the poll. Mad Max: Fury Road recieved ten nominations, second only to The Revenant's twelve.

The one you didn't list is Best Sound Mixing. There are two sound categories, Mixing and Editing. Fury Road is up for both. I know for most people it is a distinction without a difference, but they are two categories.

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All of them.

Now as for which ones it actually stands a chance of winning, well...
I really just want you all angry and confused the whole time.
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As good as it was, there were better films out there. Maybe visual effects because the CGI was well hidden. But I hate CGI so most films that incorporate significant quantities fall off my radar.

Hold on a second. THERE WAS NO CGI IN MAD MAX.

Let me explain. CGI means Computer Generated Image, which means: a picture created totally on computer, built from scratch. In Mad Max, there are only VFX, added things. All the computer work in this movie was only to superimpose objects and add things that were FILMED APART. Those things added were filmed somewhere else and just added afterwards. Ex: The bigass explosion. The explosion was real but there was still VFX on that take. They had to add the cars on the sides because of security (you wouldn't be riding THAT close to a gas tank explosion, would you?).